What’s your fashion style?

I would say my style is just like my personality, simple, classy and chic. My style compliments my body structure. I choose styles that flatter and accentuate my shape. Where fashion is concerned I dress my body in what suits my body and not what’s in style at the moment. I have my own trend when it comes to what I like. I believe that not everything that’s in style is for everybody. From a tender age of maybe 15, after being scolded by my grandmother for purchasing a top with the words “sexy girl” on the front, (which I had to return) I’ve learned to not dress by trends. I also learned modesty and that there are a time and place for every STYLE. I’ll wear styles after it’s out of style. I like to look like “me” and not the next person beside me. I think that’s what personal style is about, right? I’m not the biggest fashionista or shopper but when I have an event to attend, I have to think about what I’m wearing. Isn’t that the first thing that comes to our mind girls? It all starts in my head, thinking about the “look” I want to accomplish. I think of what I already have in my closet cause those who knows me well knows I’m not always willing to do unnecessary spending (el cheapo). I like a good deal, I buy within my small budget. My style vision is very simple, clean and down to earth. I am not one of the girls who can go to a store and see a unique piece and come up with so many different ways to style it. When I’m stumped on an outfit I call in for styling support from my stylish friends. Are you that girl who goes to the store try on outfits and take pics to send to your friends for a second opinion? Or, dress for a night out but your look isn’t complete until you get your girlfriend’s approval on, if the shoe match or the shade of lipstick is good, or if the clutch is right? Lol, this is I the majority of times. It’s fun to get dressed up. It’s a good confidence booster and a good rush of adrenaline.
Here are my outfits from my last two outing  😀
   All White Brunch 05/16
I wanted a comfortable, fussy less look:
Classic White Shirt- Old Navy
Destroyed White Jeans – Gap (Look a Like)
Shoes – Forever 21 (Look a Like)
Purse- Forever 21
Crochet Wig – I made it 😂 (my first and only attempt at a wig)

Denim and White Affair 06/16

I’ve had this jumper in my closet for the longest and it came in handy for this event. I made use of stuff I already had. The only newly purchased item was my body suit which was on sale for less than $15. Think I was going for a crazy, sexy, cool look and I accomplished it.
Jumper- H&M
Bodysuit – Express
Shoes – Rachel Roy 
Tina turner wig that just slayed these two looks. It will be the last time used, think I butchered the shit out of it lol. 
NB. I’ve realized how important the right hair style plays in accomplishing topping off an outfit. Do you agree on this ladies? 

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