Three (3) waterfront restaurants in Grenada you’re guaranteed to love

Waterfront Restaurants Grenada

Let’s talk about Caribbean life perks for a minute. One advantage that comes to mind is waterfront dining, correct? Many restaurants in Grenada extend this luxurious appeal that you can’t help appreciating. After patronizing three awesome waterfront restaurants in Grenada while vacationing last year, I will render you my review, which I guarantee you’d love.

Victory Bar and Restaurant

Located in the charming picturesque marina village of Port Louis, nestled on the lagoons set spot is Victory Bar and Restaurant. They serve great eats, drinks and efficient service, in conjunction with a beautiful scope of the marina, the Carenage and Kirani James Blvd.

From my seat’s perch, I savored the panoramic views of St. George’s Port and the quaint, Georgian architectures of the Catholic and Anglican churches. They stood out amongst the kaleidoscope of colorful stacked buildings, and homes in St. George’s.

View from Victory Bar and Restaurant

In the meantime, I found the relaxed atmosphere comfortable and soothing. Business was slow at that time, and so we had our waiters’ full attention. Overseeing the menu at Victory Bar and Restaurant I noticed the items were affordable and wide-ranging. They catered to all lifestyles. Understandably shrimp is one of the priciest menu item found in Caribbean restaurants because of importation.

At this point, with my stomach in hand, I munched on the complimentary bread rolls and a lovely bowl of split pea soup. Both my lunch date and I had the lunch special; grilled barracuda fish served with fried rice, potatoes, vegetables, and a salad. I ditched the extra carbs and opted for all veggies instead. After all, Spicemas was around the corner ☺.

Pardon the messy spread 🙂

Although the service was flowing, I was in total awe when the food came out quicker than anticipated. The fish had light seasoning but was tasty nevertheless. We washed it down with a refreshing glass of local fruit juice. All in all, our waiter was responsive; the waterfront views were inviting, and my date ideal.

Sails Restaurant

Snuggled at the deep edge of the Carenage, Sails Restaurants floats effortlessly on the bay. Here, I met up with a fellow Spice blogger and friend Kizzy, creator of Isle of Bites for dinner. You can read her review of our dinner here.

What a great first impression on entry! The restaurant embraces an opened, airy feel with warm lighting and soft background music. Those features complimented the beautiful, laid back, dining atmosphere. Our seats were ideal and offered us the opportunity to be close to the smell and sound of the ocean beneath us. From there the charming view of the Carenage, as its lights reflected and glistened on the water were captivating. Additionally, it was the most desirable seats to capture the full moon that graced us with its presence, kissing the water with a magical glow.

Awesome waterfront restaurants in Grenada

Lounge area at Sails Restaurant

Awesome waterfront restaurants in Grenada

The Carenage lit at night

Picking our jaws up off the floor, we stopped awing at the beauty that stood before us to peruse the menu. The options were favorable, and I couldn’t wait to order. Kizzi requested to tweak a pasta dish vegetarian style. Delightfully the chef complied and served up a scrumptious vegetable linguine pasta dish. I ordered the catch of the day, grilled snapper with garlic sauce, along with sautéed carrots and spinach.

Awesome waterfront restaurants in Grenada

Awesome waterfront restaurants in Grenada

Of course, I love that island food is pretty much fresh from the garden to the tabletop. I’m an advocate for organic food. Sheesh, it’s a lavish lifestyle here in the US when it comes to affordability. Therefore, I’m in full appreciation of the fresh fruits and veggies found in Grenada. My point validated itself during dinner when I found a potato bug feasting on my spinach. Sounds unpleasant, but I’m thankful it wasn’t something else. The Customer service was considerate of the mishap, and the manager was kind and discounted our bill.

Awesome waterfront restaurants in Grenada

Kizzy of “Isle of Bites” and myself

Adrift Restaurant

This recent restaurant certainly delivers when it comes to, its gorgeous view, ambiance, and esthetics. Located in Clarkes Court Boatyard and Marina, Woburn Bay, Adrift Restaurant has claimed my heart. A gem I yearn to have for my sole enjoyment and leisure. 

Another lunch date brought me to the tender arms of this contemporary restaurant. Umpteen times I’ve driven past the entrance to the marina, unbeknownst to what lies beyond the road. How could I have avoided that? But talk about thrilled, I find myself legit ecstatic when I discover new spots while on vacation.

Driving through the Marina, seeing the boats lined up majestically on the land felt like we were entering a world that was markedly different from the one we knew. I considered how surreal life would be living on a Yacht, as we searched for the restaurant. I say searched because though there was only one building structure in sight, I just couldn’t see the Restaurant. My expectations blinded me.

Indeed, when one arrives at Adrift it’s from the backside where a bland structure with no particular flair greets you. “Is this it” almost pouting, I asked. But, on that day the familiar saying rang true, don’t judge a book by its cover. I walked into Adrift and instantly felt a belonging. It was to my liking; informal with a high-end impression.

I adored the dainty layout, and the natural building materials used to give the restaurant its earthy character. The touch of blue furniture cushions and the wicker chairs along with the palm trees, and the bamboo bar complimented the artistic environment.

The menu is quite continental, you can remain in Grenada and Country hop to India, Japan, America, Italy, Russia, Thailand, and England. Whatever country’s cuisine your appetite craved, bet your last dollar, it’s at Adrift Restaurant. I can appreciate that concept, but my waistline had no interest. After all, Spicemas was a few days away, and looking flawless in my costume was the goal. Remaining monotonous, I ordered the Grilled fish fillet served with mashed potatoes and carrots likewise my companion. The mashed potatoes were heavenly, light and fluffy, what a great choice. It would have me questioning if it were from a box. (I doubt, though.)

Awesome waterfront restaurants in Grenada

I can’t complain about the service; it was a tad bit slow but acceptable, nevertheless. After lunch, I had a tasty cup of coffee, leaned back and enjoyed the scenery that played out before me. OMG, permit me to rave about the view, it’s extraordinary! Adrift overlooks Woburn Bay, where huge flatbed boats carry enormous fuel trucks to destinations unknown to me. The topography of the land with houses nesting in between the greenery can be that of a painting. There were Dinghies, pulling in and out of the dock similar to cars in parking lots. Their owners set about doing their business only to jump back in and head home. Amazing right! That lifestyle was intriguing to admire; seriously!

Finally, as we were about to leave, a DJ was setting up his equipment for the after-work customers. I imagined returning with my girlfriends in tow to sip, chat and lounge on the patio taking in nature’s beauty on the waterfront. Time did not permit, but that’s another experience for another time.

Which waterfront Restaurants in Grenada do you love and would recommend?


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  1. Bria Thorne says:

    Man this makes me miss home even more!

  2. looks glorious!! thanks for sharing!!

  3. FS Page says:

    Great tips. Love such restaurants

  4. Chantal says:

    Laureen!! You always put me ON to something new I need to try when I go back to visit! I appreciate your unbiased review of these places. It’s always nice when you can discover something new in your home. You captured the views very well!!

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