Did You Know: Interview with Valene Nedd

Valene Nedd

Hello, awesomes the “Did you know?” series continues with our first feature for 2019 Ms. Valene Nedd.

Valene Nedd is a versatile powerhouse, with a voice that can be taken from church to the Soca Monarch stage. She holds her own and represents well for women in the male domineering music industry in Grenada. This talented mother of two has produced hits like “Great Things” in 2017 and “Doh Come Back” last year.

Her beautiful vocals have opened opportunities for her to be back up for artistes like George Nooks, Singing Melody and Grenada’s own Tallpree. Her voice can be heard on various local music tracks. Valene Nedd is a mother of two who works to balance family life while building her music career.

Let’s get to know Valene Nedd a bit more…

*Interview questions were answered via voice note and transcribed in its raw dialect form to keep the authenticity and personality of the artiste.

Valene Nedd

What is on your bucket list?

On my bucket list is, traveling throughout the four corners of the earth spreading my music, spreading love, spreading joy, spreading peace, and spreading happiness.

What do you love or enjoy most about being West Indian?

The fact that we could come together as one. I think what I most enjoy is the cultural aspect. Yes! I most enjoy the culture.

Who inspires you?

Firstly my mom and my kids. If I have to look at artistes who inspires me I would say Beyonce and Spice.

What were you like in high school?

The thing is in Trinidad life was totally different from down here (Grenada). I just did one school year and graduated down here. In Trinidad, everybody knew me as a pastor daughter, um, very quiet. Here in Grenada, they knew me as singing all the time. Like breaking classes to go in the toilet and sing or behind the school singing. My classmates knew me as a singer. If I might add, I use to do a lot of running. I also played netball, participated in reading competitions, public speaking, choral speaking, and the choir.

If you were a man for a day what is the first thing you will do?

If I was a man for a day, I guess it would just be about being a role model to my family and my friends. But in all honesty, I would not want to be a man for a day lol.

What’s the most awkward thing that’s ever happened to you while on stage?

I almost slipped and fall a time when rain was falling lol.

What would you add to or subtract from Grenada carnival?

What I would definitely subtract from carnival is the bias-ness, which takes place with the artists in Grenada here. One day they big you up, the next day they put you down. I think that all artistes should get a fair share because this is all some of us do for a living. Sometimes they play with your career me being one of those. I don’t appreciate that! If they can try to not be that bias, not be bias AT ALL as a matter of fact. Let good vibes flow, allow people to enjoy themselves and letting them feel like they are actually doing something. Permit them to feel like they are making a contribution rather than just putting them on a pedestal and then breaking them down to pieces.

If you were to collaborate with anyone for Spicemas 2019 who will it be?

I’ll definitely have to say Lava Man.

What’s one thing that people may not know about you?

A lot of people may not know that I was born in Trinidad but I’ve been living here for the past 17 years. Not only can I sing, but I can also play the recorder and keyboard by ear. I have a passion for taking care of the elderly and kids. These are things I tend to do sometimes that people don’t really know.

In all the songs you have produced which is your favorite?

I have a couple of favorites actually, I can’t choose one lol. I love Sando, Action, Soca Hit Me, and Nah Fight.

What pisses you off?

What pisses me off is people who pretend to be my friend and then two twos they turn around and they are not my friends anymore. They have a world of negative things to say about me. It takes a toll on me sometimes but there is a God above and I rely on him for strength to get me through these upsets.

Thank you for reading! Keep up with Valene Nedd as she prepares for Spicemas 2019 via  IG and FB.

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