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Hey, Awesomes, I woke up Saturday morning, wanting to stay in bed but yet determined to head out. Trust me, it took a lot of prodding to get out of bed, make a plan and execute it but I know soon it will be too damn cold so it made sense to enjoy the bit of coolness that was still present. I had no clue what I wanted to do, so I headed over to eventbrite.com to see what was taking place in NYC. After all, it was Halloween weekend, I expected to find a lot of activities. The universe though, saw it fit to send me in the direction of a seminar instead of a ghoulish freak fete ha.  When I saw that Tony Gaskins would be at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan on his “Self Love Tour” my search ended.

Tony Gaskin

Y’all know who Tony is right???? I am sure you’ve shared and liked most of his Instagram Quotes before lol. Tony is a life coach who is all about LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS. He spills some serious realness and so I was super excited to hear him speak. Since I am on my self-love journey, I thought this seminar would be a huge plus for my growth and also learning how I can be more loving to myself.

The seminar was eye opening for me. The way he brought his ideas and beliefs with that southern accent gave me another way to think of relationships with others and myself. I took notes of my ah ha moments, you know, that moment when shit just makes sense.

He was funny, his thoughts build and were distributed with such clarity. I am happy I came across this seminar and bought a ticket. This was me investing in me #selfloveproject. I think we all are guilty of investing in others, hoping that they would acknowledge and give back to us. We must though intentionally invest in our growth and ourselves. You are responsible for everything that is you; therefore, it is up to YOU to be the best YOU, ever. Invest in yourself!


St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patricks Cathedral-Halloween Feel

After the seminar, it was off to galavant in the city. Loads of people were dressed up for Halloween and heading to some party, to drink the night away and be in total bliss. NYC folks go all out on a Halloween weekend. The costumes were fun and crazy, the energy in the air was pumped and the weather OMG was cool and nice.

While strolling down a busy fifth avenue, which is sort of a touristy shoppers paradise in New York, I bumped into St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Mind you, I have seen this church a million times since I use to work right around the corner years ago. But, guess what? I’ve never had the urge to check it out. I swear we ignore what is right in our faces until it’s no longer in our face *sigh*.

The cathedral actually reminded me of gothic architecture, all it missed was statutes of gargoyles. It is huge, the architecture beautiful, the building is a lovely work of art. I didn’t feel like I was in “The House of God”, though. The sacred aspect that I was expecting was not there. I felt like I was in a museum. It was busy and “salesy” and so not church-ish lol. Never the less, it was a good experience.

With all my favorite stores on one stretch, I had to summon all my discipline not to escape into a fitting room. There are loads of high ends stores on Fifth Ave, like Gucci, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth, Ferragamo, Lord and Taylor etc. After some window-sightseeing, I got a bite to eat and then headed to Sixth Avenue in the direction of Bryant Park.

Bryant Park is a great hangout spot. It’s like a little quaint village, protected by the towering buildings that surrounds it. There are so many cute, small shops making up the ambiance that is Bryant Park. You can grab a  hot cup of coffee or apple cider, to warm you up as the cold season approaches as you walk around or sit and people. The main Highlight of the park is the ice skating rink, which I can’t wait to add to my seasonal experiences.


Who doesn’t like food shopping? There was a HUGE whole foods store right across from Bryant Park that I had to explore. Since it was bought over by Amazon and I’ve heard that prices dropped, I had to check it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t think that the things were cheaper than I know them to be. Maybe it was just that one store. I loved how there was a section for EVERYTHING though. Picked up some needed items and called it a night.

Get a visual of how my day was. View my first attempt at vlogging, as I bring to you my NYC touristy ventures. I hope you enjoy! Do like and subscribe!

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  1. Istra says:

    Oh..this was fun to look at! Thanks for taking me along 😀

  2. Samantha Amada says:

    Lauren congrats on your blog my dear. You have really good content.

  3. Miss Elle says:

    I love your vlog, especially when you showed that Alexander McQueen dress. So pretty!

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