Touristy Things: Brunchin’ in the neighborhood -Brooklyn

Hello, Awesomes,

I’m thankful for another Saturday! Got to finally pull out that heavy jacket and Uggs. I’ve been trying to keep them in the closet for as long as possible but Mother Nature is showing her ass this weekend. I’m staying local this Saturday, keeping it Brooklyn. Not exploring anything new, but better yet, I came out to enjoy my favorite cafe and indulge in my weekend treats. I am very disciplined with what I eat during the week. Saturday is my day to go wild. Wild for me means having my two favs, eggs and coffee.

So, here I am at Cafe Madeleine, waiting for my food to be prepared. I found this spot about a year ago, in search of  breakfast/brunch places close to home. If you didn’t know let me tell you, the one meal I look forward to every day is breakfast/brunch. It’s the only meal I actually plan.

Note* Forgive the picture quality.

Cafe Madeline, located in Ditmus Park, Brooklyn, suits my lifestyle quite well. It is an organic cafe, featuring many great options for every lifestyle actually. Quite cozy, smoky because it’s so small and the kitchen area is behind the counter, not too loud and perfect to people watch while reading or getting some work done. The patrons are diverse and the prices aren’t bad even if I’m an “el cheapo” and look for the best cheapest menu item.

Touristy Things-Brooklyn

I ordered my fav and actually the only thing I’ve ever ordered here before which is the one-handed breakfast. It’s consists of, grape seed caper mayo, two scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach, garlic, shallots, avocado, and gem lettuce. Yum yum!

Touristy Things- Brooklyn

I got my pumpkin latte, which finished before my food came it was too delicious to not order another. Once I tried the lavender latte because I saw someone ordered it. There were lavender leaves floating on the top. It looked so pretty and girly I couldn’t help being curious to try it. There are also other cool flavor lattes that I’m yet to try like the rose petal latte. Did I mention how in love I am with their yellow cup and sauce? I dunno why but it’s just kinda nostalgic for me. So dainty, isn’t it? Ha, realize after the fact that I was wearing yellow today. Thought I had to brighten up my day to face the cold.

Touristy Things- Brooklyn

As usual, the food was gooood. Imagine only half the food is gone and I’m so full. Never a disappointment!

Guess this is kind of a self-care Saturday, right? The road to becoming totally in love with universe and myself that surrounds me feel amazing.

Touristy Things


Whatever you’re doing this weekend enjoy.

Peace and Love ❤️




8 responses to “Touristy Things: Brunchin’ in the neighborhood -Brooklyn”

  1. Oooh I’d love to visit one day and try the latte! 😋

  2. Abby says:

    I love a self care Saturday!! Sounds like the perfect day.

  3. Emily Prince says:

    That cafe looks delicious! And the amount of Avocodo Toast options! 😍

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