Top Strikers: Dreams do come true

We’ve all had dreams as kids about what we want to do and who we would like to be. As time goes by, some of those dreams change for some, while it became a reality for others. As a young boy growing up in the Village of Thebaide, St. David’s, Grenada, Dingaan “Lil Natty” Henry had a dream. His first inspiration was his father, Jude Henry aka Natty Nuclear Dread, who was also a Calypsonian and entertainer. He followed in his footstep to the big stage of Queens Park Stadium. This journey from a youngster on stage singing to the sweet melody of calypso, led a dream to spark as he watched other artistes conquer the soca world. His dream to be “one” with his musical twin Machel Montano went into effect and the work started. How amazing is it to see this dream come into fruition.

Machel Montano, 2Pac and 50 Cent are artists Lil Natty admired during his teenage years. He respected their drive, passion and the depth of their music and business. He identified greatly with Machel, recognizing how similar their paths were and aspired to follow the work ethics and success that he had. Both Machel’s and Lil Natty’s career started at the tender age of seven (7), competing in the Junior Calypso monarch competitions. They are both passionate about music and culture. Lil Natty’s dream has always been to meet and collaborate with his “music twin”.

Wuss Ways Top Strikers

Fast-forward to January 2018, and BOOM that dream happened. Wuss Wayz a group formed by Lil Natty and his band mate Thunda did a remix with Machel Montano of their song “Top Strikers” which crowned them the road march champions for Spicemas 2017. Hearing that remix takes me back to when I heard the song for the first time. Aarghhhh, I think this song will be around for ages mashing up stage for 2018 and beyond.

Having the opportunity to share a stage with someone you’ve admired for years as a youngster is an amazing feat for these two young artistes. This did not happen overnight, nor had anything to do with luck. Lil Natty and Thunda has been working hard for the past 7 years consistently putting in the work and creating hits. Great example of what discipline, good work ethics, love for the art form and dedication looks like. It is what working towards a goal is about. We may not see the sleepless nights, the disappointments, the brainstorming sessions but we can celebrate when they are winning and this is definitely a personal win for those guys.

Therefore, this epic accomplishment is not a matter of show biz, simply entertainment or promotion. This was a GOAL accomplished; this was a DREAM COME TRUE. What a reminder to us looking along, that we should never stop going after our dreams no matter what. Especially on the days when things aren’t happening the way we want it to or fast enough. Don’t stop, keep going, keep striking and one day you would hit that goal. Consistency leads to progress.

Congratulations to Lil Natty and Thunda for living your dreams, proving that we can live ours as well. Keep paving the way and continue being totally AWESOME!

Listen to the remix here:

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  1. Dania says:

    Awesome job!!

  2. Shireen says:


  3. OhhSoSammy says:

    Beautifully written. Am very proud of them! Dreams DO come through!

  4. Simply Sandy says:

    I enjoyed the read ❤️

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