The Ultimate Spicemas 2019 Getaway Package

Spicemas 2019

Revelers, are you ready for Spicemas 2019? As a matter of fact, I am in full gear and ready to go. You guys know that carnival is my thing; I love Spicemas from the bottom of my heart. At the moment, I am working on my 2018 Spicemas review for you guys. Can’t wait to share how enjoyable it was for me. Last year, I created a resource list that gave the basic info on what you should know. Check it out to get an idea of what to look forward to this year. This year is going to be magnificent. I want to help make it possible for everyone who is interested in being there to be there.

Planning a trip can be time-consuming and irritating. Imagine this annoyance multiplied, scheduling a carnival trip and planning an itinerary for Spicemas 2019. Attending to the task of organizing accommodation, transportation, event tickets, and more can become exhausting. Looking for a solution; Jurnee Grenada and I, have partnered to curate the ultimate Spicemas 2019 package just for you.

Grenada (Jab Nation), is the best carnival destination in August. Not to mention, its pristine white sandy beaches, rich culture, and friendly people create a welcoming statement to all visitors. Spicemas has been trending for the past few years. This year you can be in Grenada creating personal memories with friends and FAMAHLAY. The excitement has already started with bands preparing for their launch, artistes working hard in studios and promoters planning their events. There are lots in store for Spicemas 2019, and you can’t dare miss it!

Spicemas 2019 Getaway Package

Travel Dates

August 7th – August 15th

Full Package Includes

In any event, it’ll be a loss if you miss out on this opportunity. Click here for more info and to secure your spot; don’t procrastinate and get left watching the mas via the internet. We want you to witness and enjoy the splendor of Spice Mas, in Grenada.

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