Ten (10) impressive Events You need to Attend For Spice Mas 2020

Road to Spicemas 2020

As we prepare for Spicemas 2020, yes preparation mode is already turned on, I’m going to assist you with choosing your fetes. Spicemas 2019 greeted its patrons with a packed calendar of events. Every day offered a variety of choices for party-goers. There was something for everyone, which contributed to the success and enjoyment of Spicemas this year.

Some events hit the ball out of the park, others have the potential to grow and a few need to go back to the drawing board. I’m letting you in on my top six events you need to have on your Spicemas 2020 lineup. Be prepared to purchase your early bird tickets to get the best prices for your budget. Most tickets can be bought online via the Go2fete app. Download it now!

Must go events for Spicemas 2020

Planning for Spicemas 2020

Planning for a two week getaway for Spicemas 2020 will be ideal to get a full carnival experience. Carnival fetes jump off from July 31 and culminate on Carnival Tuesday, August 11th, 2020.

I personally did not hit up all the events. I mean it is impossible for even the most seasoned pumpers. The goal next year is to attend the “right” fetes. I would advise everyone planning on heading to Spicemas 2020 to build your stamina and budget from now. It would surely be needed because I foresee that Spicemas 2020 would take A LOT of your energy and money.

*See Spicemas 2019 event calendar for reference.


Events to not miss for Spicemas 2020


I did not attend this event but from the reviews, via social media, I was upset that I missed it. This event was a premium all-inclusive with limited early bird tickets starting at EC$400 and regular $500.

Here’s what some patrons had to say about ULTRA:

” One of the most impressive all-inclusive fetes I’ve attended (and I’ve been to quite a few!). From the moment you entered décor A+. Food, diverse and delish! The staff – talk about well trained, and emphasis on WELL! Pleasant, polite, patient, professional! Air-conditioned bathroom was stocked fully. The show itself was solid! Vibes the entire time! During all the getting on, if ya foot started hurting, ya could just change into some Pier 57 Terry slippers. And, to top it all off, it was the only fete in Grenada where I got coconut water! For a Johnnie  &Coconut Water lover like me, daz a big deal!”


“ It was the best party I attended for the carnival. Very Classy and mature! Great vibes, it was well organized. There were no lines for food or drinks. There were multiple stations throughout the venue. There was everything you can think of to eat; Ice cream bar, sushi bar, Cane Juice, Tacos, Roast pork on the grill (a whole pig), BBQ chicken etc. The entertainers were great and there was a mini firework”


Ultra was GREAT, from start to finish. We parked at the mall in town and while we waited on the train there was music and drinks to keep us occupied. You could have gotten any food you wanted and drinks by the bottle when requested. As you enter there was all the food, cane juice, doubles etc. There were live DJ’s, a band and artiste performance. Definitely an event to not miss for 2020.



This event was on my list because of reviews from the year before. Spicemas 2018 was the conception of this event and it made my event “must go” list because of the awesome reviews. I, unfortunately, missed it due to unforeseen circumstances but yet again the reviews were very good.

Tickets for this event cost XCD$350. The venue design was exclusive and unexpected. Event promoter Wayne Redhead (Waggy T), certainly went all out to ensure that patrons were prepared to be amazed. And, amazed we all were with the preview of the sophisticated, top-notch concept and venue design. Have a look:

One patron shared her review via a Facebook post:

Pictures from this event can be viewed here.


If there is any boat ride you choose to attend for Spicemas 2020 make sure Darkers is it. This was the only boat ride I attended for Spicemas 2019 and it made up for all the ones I missed. IT WAS THAT GOOD! I danced my ass off for the whole 4hrs with sunburns to prove it. This boat ride had all the right vibes, the music, the people, the weather, the views, and the rum.

This ride was hosted on the Harbor Master which came to Grenada for the first time from Trinidad. The size of the boat doubled or maybe even tripled the capacity of the Rhum Runner (Boat used in the past). If ya see happy peopleeeee. This was a pleasant addition to the Spicemas experience. With three decks, this boat offered more room to palance. I took my position on the top deck, which I think was the best spot on the boat. There were fewer people up there, room to run from end to end and people who freed up and played a mass.

There were hiccups at the beginning because they were using a chit system in order to purchase drinks. This dampened the energy at the beginning of the ride. The line for the chit was long and waiting for drinks took a while, which was quite annoying. Thankfully, after getting over that hump it was smooth sailing from there onwards.

The vibes was just nice.


This event has been in existence for the past 4 years and has grown tremendously to be one of the “IT” events for Spicemas. On Carnival Saturday a fleet of catamarans comes together to take patrons on a big all-inclusive party on the seas. When purchasing tickets one is able to choose which boat they want to be on, and their meal preference.

Fleet for Spicemas 2020

Boats are normally in close proximity to each other creating a major energy ball of excitement and fun. I dare not miss this event for Spicemas 2020 and You shouldn’t either. Tickets sell out pretty fast, therefore stay abreast of when they go on sale and see pics and highlights of past events by following on IG. You can also subscribe to their mailing list via their website HERE.


I planned to ditch this event until Spice Mas Corporation (SMC) decided to reevaluate things. The number of artiste participating in the finals was reduced to ten in comparison to maybe 15 or more in the past. In my opinion, this was a good move. Soca Monarch ran smoothly this year with no low (fall asleep) moments. It was a pump from start to finish.

Soca Monarch on Carnival Friday is the Epic competition of all competitions for the Carnival season. It’s where the best artistes and crowd favs put on a showcase of their most popular song. The show starts off with the Groovy competition and ends with the hype of soca. I thought I could manage the fence life (right in front of the stage) but coming to the end of Groovy I realized I couldn’t manage. The fence crowd is tough and if you don’t have the mash down fence energy, then I recommend staying to the back as I did.

This year’ Soca Monarch energy was unmatched. Each performance was awesomely executed and well-received. I would advise everyone to experience this event for Spicemas 2020.

6. Ciroc The Party – Non-Stop Fetters

This drinks inclusive all-white party happens Monday during Carnival week. It’s the start-off fete, that sets the pace for the eventful week ahead. Tickets started at XCD$175 and provides all the frills that attract a sophisticated crowd. Well dressed partygoers, exquisite decor, Ciroc cup in hand, unlimited drinks flowing and a lineup of great entertainment, is just the whole mood.

Check out some pics and see for yourself why this event should be on your Spicemas 2020 event list. View pics here

7. C4 House Party

House Party will be a thing of the past come 2020. But, something bigger and better is in store to replace this notorious Carnival Tuesday Spicemas event. House party has outgrown its current venue (promoters home), due to the best EVERYTHING, vibes, food, ambiance, feters, DJ’s and great hosts.

Each year, this all-inclusive XCD $150 fete is sold out. It is punctuated with great reviews from patrons. I look forward to Spicemas 2020 and eagerly anticipate what the C4 team has up their sleeves. If you’re like me head on over to IG and follow them to be part of the revealing when the time comes near. I’m already pumped. Check out pics here.

8. Beach Bum

Beachwear, booze, babes and fly dudes! My definition of beach bum hahaha. All these elements were present along with great DJ’s and performances. In its second installment for Spicemas, Carnival Sunday and my first year attending; I would consider beach bum an event to not miss. If you’re looking for a laid back, vibes prep before the real madness starts (jouvert) then this is IT. Entry price on the day of the event was XCD$60.

I had a great time. The location (Craft Market, Grand Anse Beach) is perfect. Small vendor huts made up the venue with most selling the tastiest cocktails. If you’ve ever heard of Esther’s bar then you’ll be in the right event. I had the signature drink of the night from them and as usual, they drink mixes never disappoint.

Follow their IG page and keep in the loop.

9. La Vida

This event produced by International Soca Monarch winner, Hollice Mapp (Mr. Killa), is a staple on the Spicemas Event Calendar. La Vida is held on Carnival Thursday and the early-bird ticket for this event is normally XCD$50. Tickets for this event truly sells us fast so you have to grab them as soon as they drop.

The rebel band along with Mr. Killa consistently puts on a show that is worth viewing. The entertainment level is always at 100. Although I didn’t attend this event (woke up too late as usual) I thoroughly enjoyed the fun clips I viewed on IG and FB

Check out this clip from local artiste Slattapah at La Vida this year:

If you’re not yet following, click here to follow Mr. Killa.

10. Aurora Breakfast Fete

For its first time on the event production scene, this breakfast party was a good time. It was the only Breakfast party during carnival week this year and took place on Carnival Friday morning. There was an all-inclusive option and a food inclusive only option. Price ranged from USD$50 to $100.

The food was amazing! There was breakfast, lunch, waters, and desserts. Food was unlimited which meant seconds, thirds and even fourths were welcomed. The ambiance at the venue, Harmony Cottage was quite a relaxing and chill one. Everyone looked lovely in their summer floral outfits.


This event is a whole experience featuring mud, water, and paint all in white attire. Carnival Saturday the country comes alive for Pure White. Don’t miss this awesome event for Spicemas 2020.

Catch you in one of those fetes for SPICEMAS 2020.

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