Sunday Brunch: Coffee, Cocktails, Conversations & Girlfriends

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch Musings

Happy Sunday Awesome, are you out having Sunday brunch? It’s such a gloomy looking day in NYC, as I sit trying to channel some spring Zen into the forecast. I am looking forward to the sunshine and new blooms, which will give me the extra oomph I need to get out and be more social. Thinking about spring brought back some old Sunday brunch memories.

I remember how about 3 years ago Sunday brunch became a tradition for me during the spring and summer days. I enjoyed the whole aspect of eating out. I was all about the restaurant life, trying different food, enjoying the ambiance and social aspects of just being and living in that moment.
Those Sundays were days that I looked forward to. I would Google and pick restaurants that offered unlimited drinks brunch and me and my two brunch friends at the time would meet religiously every Sunday, well dressed, to eat, drink, converse, flirt, dance and be merry. It was all such fun and our girl time to simply to enjoy each other’s company and be girly.

That era of my life took me to some great restaurants where had the opportunity to be more social, chat strangers, making new friends, laughing and having a good ole time with each other. That felt like life to me. I was living and being open to life experiences and people. Even under the influence of good mimosas and Bellini’s life was great on those Sundays.

I remember one of our Sunday brunches so well. We were at Piquant Restaurant on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, sitting outside thankfully, basking in the warmth of the summer sun but shaded by the surrounding buildings. The day was filled with so much laughter; I can feel my cheeks hurting just thinking about it. Nearly every half hour or less our booze jar was refilled by the waiter and we were in such bliss. Like I said before, thank god we were seated outside because there came a point where I believe I was the first to run off to the greenery at the back to throw up followed by my friend, lord we were buzzed but so freaking happy. We didn’t care or felt anyway because everyone was there for the same reason. Every came for the unlimited drinks and everyone was enjoying the freedom to let loose and just be. What a great day it was to be alive lol.

I love the bond that girls can share when they aren’t being catty, competitive, disloyal, just to name to a few. I am the girly girl, the social girl, the fun loving “leh we go” kind of girl. The highlight of my being is my social relationships. My human existence finds happiness in being able to converse, share, relate, help, and inspire, over food at a restaurant, drinks at a bar, on a dance floor, at the movies, at the park etc. I look forward to those times greatly because it brings me joy.

Do you enjoy catching up over brunch with your crew? Do you and your friends have any rituals? I would love to hear about them, please share 🙂

2 responses to “Sunday Brunch: Coffee, Cocktails, Conversations & Girlfriends”

  1. Lakisha 😉 says:

    🤗 I love a good jog down memory lane!
    This was a pleasure to read.
    I try to get out as much as I can in the spring and summer as well. It can be hard if you’re a mother but some down time with the girls is so important! It really can lift a mood. This year I cannot wait because of feel so rundown with school work and just things to get DONE before the school year is over uhh… I’m going hard in the books because I can’t wait to just kiss meh teet with my grade A I worked so hard for 😬😫…

    Be well dear… be well… oh my watss app is down 😫

    • Laureen says:

      Well we better work on setting a brunch date in your calendar after the semester is finished and we have some warmth to revel in. I can’t wait to finish as this semester as well.

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