Spicemas 2018: Events Review

Disclaimer: The views and opinions here are mine.

Hey guys, this post is long overdue but since we are counting down to Spicemas 2019, I wanted to reminisce a bit. Spicemas 2018 was an incredibly fun experience. It was pace as the momentum picked up from start to finish. I totally delved into the festivities and had an absolutely terrific time. I attended many more events than I did the year before which had me partying up a storm every day during carnival week.

It’s unbelievable the energy one has to muster up to keep pumping during the carnival season. Sleep was a distant cousin you’re delighted to see after a long time. The collaborative energy of the carnival revelers was hypnotically helpful in keeping me going from fete to fete.

FETE Reviews


Price XCD$200 All inclusive

Dress code: Black and Trendy

Venue: Venus

My carnival pump started at “Jab Have Class” and what a start that was. I have to give the event organizers Karlene and her team props for a job well executed. My girls and I, danced into the venue parting cascading, glistening beads into the dark but warm classy embrace of the venue, designed by Mekalia from Eventful. Her company captured the theme of the party exceptionally, through a sophisticated representation of our jab culture. Jab is black, dark, even a bit scary, but jab also reflects the warmth and beating heart of its masqueraders.

The energy at “Jab have class” was on 100. It felt genuine, mature, and free. The classy and chic dress code complemented the ambiance and theme of the event which I loved. The event layout, the tasty cocktail bites, the amazing drinks, the ‘come out to have fun’ party goers and a few of Grenada’s best DJ’s made this event my best for Spicemas 2018.


I firmly believe music is a connector to all age groups, culture, class, etc.  It’s a fact that DJs can make or break an event. Thankfully, the DJs at ‘Jab have Class” was exceptional in transporting us on a musical joy ride. The music was splendid! 

At 6 am Selector Beast decided that he was tired and wanted to go home (My interpretation lol.). He proceeded to mix some ole school slow tunes which, in his mind (Once more, I’m guessing.) would cause people to become bored and leave. WRONGGGGG…in fact, the opposite happened. 

He delivered surplus energy which, encouraged us to party some more. People were dancing and singing with genuine happiness and exhilaration. It undoubtedly was an amazing crowd of people who’s energy I enjoyed.

Finally, when it came to an end, we were greeted by the happy rays of the sun along with complimentary breakfast from Venus. I had my much-needed coffee and a tasty cup of Tania log.
Rating: 6/5

Event #2 CIROC

Price: US $67  XCD$175 Drinks inclusive

Dress code: All White

Venue: National Stadium Lawn

Ciroc commenced a little ugh for me. All because my cousin came to pick me up and I wasn’t fully ready. I felt self-conscious and anxious because I had to hurry. I know y’all are aware of how it feels to leave the house without a satisfied glance over of your whole fit.

Despite how the night originated, I’m thankful that’s not how it ended. As soon as we walked through the venue, I was in the mood to pump.

Ciroc Entrance
Picture credit: Eventful by Mekalia

The event entrance was bright and welcoming. It led to an open space that felt intimate for the crowd present. There was a VVIP section, which in my opinion was unnecessary, but nicely done up with warm string lights, colorful customized Ciroc pillows, and two cascading chandeliers. The decor for this event was again done by the talented Makalia from Eventful.

Picture Credit: Eventful by Mekalia

We received our Ciroc cups on entry; which I think held 12-16 ounces of liquor. Straight to the bar we went and got them filled to the rim by a gracious barman. After, we proceeded to the front of the stage where we enjoyed the great performances of Lion Paw, Lil Vaughn and Benji.

Our Ciroc Cups

Our cups were refilled once during the party before we heard complaints that drinks ran out. This didn’t affect us one bit, as we both aren’t heavy drinkers. We were well satisfied, but I was annoyed that the water also ran out.

Overall, the bars were efficient with no long wait for a refill. The patrons looked chic and trendy in their white outfits. All the Performers were fantastic, but I was blown away by Lion Paw. It was my first time seeing him perform. Talk about amazing, his talent is undeniable. This event is already on my list for this year.
Rating: 4/5


Price: US $47 EC $125 All Inclusive

Dress Code: African wear

Venue: C4 House Morne Jaloux

I was excited about this party and its theme. My cousin Marcelle St. Bernard made my African outfit for the night and I was looking forward to wearing it. The goal was to have an incredible experience but things did not go as planned lol. Let me explain…

On entering the party, looking great if I do say so myself, my first thought was getting a good picture. I was happy that there was a photo booth set up in the African theme were we received prints of our photos same time. This was a fun way to start things off.

Next, I headed to the Fedon rum booth which was close to the entrance to check out what they were offering. I’m glad I did because the rep made the tastiest cocktail for me. I know she told me what was in it, but chile I don’t remember lol. Mistake #1.

The plan was to get something to eat first of all. I didn’t eat much that day, so I honestly was looking forward to the food. A pole with directions would have been perfect for the party. I had a hard time locating the food. Being that I was already tired, I’m sure I was looking kind of crazy in my search. When I finally found the food area, I had to wait until they were finished sorting things out.

To make up the time, I went to seek out the Fedon rum rep to get another of their delicious cocktail mix (mistake #2). Those were the only two drinks I had at the party. It proved enough to wipe out my energy, eventually leaving me weak on the people veranda couch.

Before I succumbed to sleep, I went to try once more for food. My eyes were impressed with the food spread. There was Oil down, Lambie waters, Tania log, curry and more. I received a box with pastries as I awaited a delicious plate of Oil down. Not sure what else I had to eat because my memory is a blur. What I do know is, I enjoyed and was appreciative for the food.

Next, I remember telling my cousin I need to go sit on the couch. Before I know it I was passed out. Clearly, I couldn’t avoid the power nap that haunted me but dammit not when party swinging. I was so thankful for that couch there though lol.

When I woke from the nap there was a bit more time to party. I heard the DJ talking about no chaser for the next half hour or hour. Up to now, I don’t understand what that was about lol. Guess people had to drink liquor straight up. Don’t know how well that worked for ppl who had work the next day.

All in all, I think it was a great party. Definitely had the house party feel that one can appreciate. I swear I will be taking my power nap this year before and not during the party :).
Ratings: 4/5

Event #4 COCO DE MER

Price: XCD $40, US $15

Dresscode: Pool/ resort wear

Venue: Secret Harbor, Lance aux epines.

My Wednesday pump started early because I had two events on my calendar. The first was, Coco De Mer, which started around 3 pm and attracted mainly the foreign crowd. The vibe at the party wasn’t all the way there. I’m not sure what was missing, but something wasn’t connecting for me. There was one local DJ alongside foreign DJ’s.

When we got to Secret Harbour, I foresaw that there would be issues where parking was concerned. The parking attendants weren’t very sensible in how they were directing parking. They were basically closing people in without thinking of an exit strategy. The plan was; if anyone needed to move they would make an announcement over the DJ system *face slap*.

Nevertheless, we proceeded to the party. There were Fireball shots for patrons on entry which was nice. I don’t think I would have experienced the taste of that liquor any other way. It totally tastes like Fireball candy I had as a kid. There was a good crowd dressed in pool/resort wear, which was cute.

All was going well, we were having a good time until it was time to leave. I would not even make this story any longer.

Hope you catch my drift. It was a mess and it totally threw a wrench in the event because the party had to stop for a while.
Ratings: 3/5

Event #5 PREE DAY

Price: XCD $50

Dress code: Black

Venue: National Stadium

PreeDay is the weekday event that has the most local turn out, in my opinion. I love the social meet and greet type atmosphere it creates. Patrons were out in their numbers, fashionable and chic in their black outfits. This aspect brings an outstanding level of sophistication to this event.

I was looking forward to this event not only to wear my outfit lol but, for the energy I expected the show to have. The stage of the show was a bit disappointing for me. The sound system was horrible. My cousin and I were wondering if a deaf engineer was hired. Maybe he wasn’t hearing what we were hearing? Good thing it was sorted out by the time Tallpree hit the stage.

The reception that Shensea and Nailah got was very poor. I am sure they were thinking to themselves “what the hell is wrong with these people?” This reminded me how hard it is to please Grenadians at times lol.
In my opinion, Tallpree doesn’t need a score of artistes to carry the show. He does an exceptional job and this was proven when he touched the stage. The crowd went wild, the energy in the stadium went from 0-100 in no time. HIs performance was explosive and I think the crowd energy sorted itself out after.

The latter part of the show was awesome. The performances from Patrice, Blaxx and the others were great. The show had vibes and was a good outing for Carnival week.
Rating: 3.5/5

Event #6 Bienvenue

Price: US $20

Venue: Fort Matthew

I planned on attending three events on Thursday of Carnival week. What was I thinking? My energy level was on 30%. The initial plan was to party hop; first La Vida, then Bienvenue, and last Blush. My body wasn’t cooperating. I needed a nap. It was nearly midnight when I woke up.

I ended up at Bienvenue with my girlfriend. It was my first ever Spice Addiction event and my first time at the event location. I loved the location and the entrance decor. There was a good enough crowd throughout the night, despite the other events happening. The energy there was mild, the vibes were sort of chill, not hype as I expected.

The music was average. I wasn’t impressed by the DJs, who I know is undoubtedly good. We’re all allowed bad days, though. For a Carnival Thursday event, the party took a while to reach its climax. The notch went up a bit when Tony Cross (I think) got on the mic, maybe half an hour before the party finished.

On the bright side, drinks were easy to get. I don’t remember the bar being too crowded ever. A crowded bar to me is annoying. Seeing wine on the bar list got me excited. Overall, the event was ok. I enjoyed the meet and greet aspect; bumping into old-time friends.
Rating: 2.75/5


Price: XCD $60



Pure white possesses untamed energy. The vibe is clearly in a different league. Patrons always come out to have a great time. With two foreign Artistes, Masicka and Destra, along with our beloved local Artistes; Pure White was simply the place to be carnival Saturday in Grenada.

With high energy, the night started with a live band. Can’t say I knew about Masicka before Pure White, so there was no excitement from me. Nevertheless, people loved his performance. Destra entertained the crowd and did her thing. Her performance was energy filled. She expressed her love for the song “bat-ah-fly.” To the delight of fans, she was taught the dance on stage.

Our locals came through and brought the sun up with their energy. The pump was mad as water started blasted and the sun started to burn my skin. It’s so much fun in moonlight city and I look forward to what’s in store this year.
Ratings: 5/5

Event #8 FINALE

Price: XCD $100

Venue: Sails Restaurant

Dresscode: classy

This party was a good end to carnival season. The mellow, mature vibe was glad welcomed by me. I loved the concept the promoter was going for. Although it wasn’t crowded the music was nice, the complimentary eats were delicious and Dash was amazing as usual as he performed. Mr. Killer was also there in support of Dash who was the featured Artistes for the event and showed his love with performance.

The ambiance of Sails Restaurant was perfect for the event. It’s airy magical feel and the perfect glow of the lights on the water set the mood. The music had to be on a lower level due to the proximity of the venue to the Hospital. I don’t think it mattered much, because it blended well with the type/mood of the event.
Rating: 3.75/5

This culminates my Spice 2018 events experience. It was my most exceptional year yet. Would it be surpassed this year? I have a good feeling it will. Some of the new event concepts for 2019 are quite exciting. I have already started purchasing tickets and planning outfits.

Spicemas 2019

Talk is, there will be a plethora of visitors to the island this year. Grenada we trendinggggg. The countdown is on for the pumping. Anticipating spotting some familiar faces in the parties.

Special invitation for you and your friends for my party:

DOLCE “The Sweetest Carnival Vibes”
Where: Lavo Lanes
Time: 4pm -12am
Dress code: Trendy

Looking forward to seeing you all there. Don’t be afraid to say hello. I’d actually love that😊.

You can download your free Spicemas 2019 Event Calendar here.

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