Self Love Project: 28 amazing days of simple self care- UPDATE

Self-Love Project

Self Care Update

Two weeks ago I shared a post: 28 Days: Self-Love Project. It’s Day 16 and my self care practices has been amazing thus far. It is thrilling to continuously see the theme of self-love and self care all over my social media feeds. Seeing the words being spread everyday is exciting because it shows that people are becoming conscious of its importance. I believe that it is a struggle that loads of women do not want to admit to. It is something that us women need to be conscious about this year. We need to do a complete 180 within ourselves and stop being fake happy and instead be truly HAPPY.

There have been new revelations made through personal observations and feedback from others that were brought to the front stage recently. This journey has made me more open to realizing and learning my thought patterns and how they affect my outlook. Consequently, my goals for this 28-day self-love project have been slightly adjusted. My past goal of losing 5 pounds and creating a self-care routine for healthy skin and hair care seemed to be more on the surface. This goal has changed a bit not because I haven’t really lost any weight yet (haha) but I realized that this project goes deeper than 5 pounds. I would discuss this in an upcoming post.

Update time:

I have been doing a great job at keeping a self care routine for my skin and hair. Washing my face twice daily, moisturizing, exfoliating and using lightening cream on my dark spots daily has been my routine. Not a day missed (so proud :-)). After you tubing how to trim natural hair, I went ahead and gave myself a trim. Massaging my scalp with castor oil has become another routine. I received my Biotin pills and have been taking them. I’ve noticed that spraying my hair with a mixture of conditioner and water keeps it moisturize when it gets dry. My fitness routine is filled with excuses. I’ve honestly been to the gym twice so far. The weather just have not been inviting at all (yes excuse).

I ate Oil down and had a nice valentine dinner treat. Permission was granted to let loose a bit. Other than that, eating well has been customary (I haven’t really strayed in the past year where eating healthy is concerned.) I broke a rule that helped me so much in the past, which is, having my last meal before 8 pm. I notice more than ever now that I cannot eat food late. Whenever I do it never digests, it makes me feel sick and It comes right back up. Consequently, I’m back to being very strict about not eating after 8 pm.

So far, so good. The progress made so far is satisfying but would be striving to do better with the fitness aspect.

Here are a few breakfast pics. As you know breakfast is something is look forward to the most each day.

2 responses to “Self Love Project: 28 amazing days of simple self care- UPDATE”

  1. Maura says:

    It’s Friday and I’m on my toilet doing my 4th for the day 🙈 and actually have some time to peek at your blog. I was alerted to the update as I opened my IG and saw your update. Studying for Bio is taking all my time anywho…. NICE UPDATE 🙌🏾
    I want to start washing my face as well 2x a day, it is so important! I must say that I have had no zits since cutting out the milk chocolates such a struggle 😫
    For me I must get a sweat 5x a week if not my Monday- Friday could not be!!
    I find eating late just makes me SUPER gassy since I eat lots of fiber in the evening.
    Keep going girl you are doing what it takes to bring out the BEST in you. Congrats!

    Hair washing is next 😆

    • Laureen says:

      4th OMG how do you do that? I wish my intestines would allow mw that freedom lol. You know how I’ve been very lazy when it comes to working out. I dunno how I got this way. I mean from being in the gym nearly everyday religiously maybe a year ago to now being lazy. I think my “why” changed and I need to get it back. I enjoyed working out a lot :-(. Girl I am working on those spots, I need them gone by the hook or crook. On the skin care blog I shared Divya talked about drinking grated ginger tea. She said it helped bring those pimples to the surface and caused it to clear up. I made some tea and lord girl, it keep giving me a headache. I don’t know why because I am accustomed drinking ginger tea just not grated. I am gonna continue drinking it though and see what it can do besides soothe my gassy stomach.

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