Review: The Milk & Honey of Social Media Friendships Offline

Brunch at Milk & Honey with Briana

I consider myself very friendly, social and outgoing but at the same time, I can be quite introverted and shy. Social Media gives me an outlet to be more authentic with my socializing. I find it easy to strike up a genuine convo online and allow it to grow if the energies are in sync. Not everyone you meet online, like anywhere else would be right for you. I’ve been lucky to meet a few wonderful people that I was able to connect with in real life and actually developed a friendship with.

Social media for me is not just about browsing and liking. Instead, it’s about being introduced to different people, lifestyles, and places. I use it as a means to connect me with people from all walks of life. It has its negatives and positives but it’s an open market for finding like-minded people to collaborate with and learn from. How cool is it to befriend a stranger online and connect with them offline over brunch, while discovering a new spot together? (PS. Be aware and mindful of who you meet up with online.)

Last November, I linked up with Briana, CEO of Jurnee Grenada, for Brunch at Milk and Honey in Brooklyn, NY. We first connected on IG and decided to take our online connection, offline while she was on vacay in NYC.

Milk and Honey

A symbolization of prosperity and abundance, Milk and Honey was the perfect choice for this meetup. The ambiance, food, decor, and energy there was far from amazing. It’s a delightful spot for group brunches, dates or family outings.

Our first time meeting each other wasn’t weird at all. Not that I expected it to be, but I know I can clam up if I’m too much in my head lol. Briana had good energy though and it was easy to open up and have a good time.

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey is a casual, trendy restaurant that isn’t the typical sit and order design. You order at the counter, find a seat and they bring your food to you. The place seemed fairly notorious; the reviews warned us that it’s quite crowded on weekends. That definitely, was not a lie. We were lucky to get there at a time when people were getting ready to leave which abbreviated the wait. Brunch is served ALL DAY, 7am-8pm, which makes me give this place a two thumbs up.

The Food

We both ordered Avocado toast topped with a poached egg and salmon. I, of course, had a latte while Briana had tea. We grabbed some seats and that was all she wrote. We sat there until near closing without feeling rushed. The restaurant offered a warm, inviting, atmosphere on a comparable cold day.

Our order was brought to us in a decent time period. We dug in while conversations flowed. I can’t say that my avo toast was the best thing since sliced bread lol. I would give it an 8/10 for taste and presentation. The latte was good.

Avo Toast w/ Salmon and poached eggs

Ambiance at Milk and Honey

The greenery filled wall with the wooden fence captures your attention on entry. It actually contributes to the whole aesthetics the restaurants deliver. Its bright open layout with its outdoorsy feel serves as an inviting space for socializing. There is a large mirror on the back wall which helps to create the illusion of a larger space. It’s soo ‘brunchy’ if you know what I mean. It makes me want to gather a bunch of ladies for an afternoon of laughter and lattes. Perfect tag hahaha! Don’t you think?

The seating was close but not uncomfortable where you feel like you’re sitting on top someone. The tables were not all low which allowed visual appeal to the layout. Lovely place in general I would say.


Our entire evening was spent unbothered at Milk and Honey and consisted of chatting, photoshoots, and plans for future creative collabs. Have you ever took your online friendships offline with other creatives? How did it go? Where did you go? What did you do? 🙂

Tell me about it below 🙂

I wanna hear what you think!

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