Woke up from my slumber to a light bulb going off in my head.
After a conversation with myself with tear stained cheeks came a burst of energy.
Everything makes sense at this moment. Every feeling I’ve had till this day now makes sense. God has been totally building me up to reach this point where I now want to scream FUCK YOU FEAR.
You’ve kept me a prisoner in my own life for far too fucking long and it’s about time to dismember yuh energy and done away with your force. YOU ARE NO LONGER IN CONTROL OF ME, I DECLARE IT IN THE NAME OF MY LORD GOD.
I am feeling encouraged and confident as I release the unnecessary clutter and garbage that has been collected throughout the years that I’ve held on to. The beliefs about myself that I’ve held on to.
The lies I’ve held on to.
The expectations I’ve held on to.
The disappointments I’ve held on to.
The critiques I’ve held on to.
The negativity I’ve held on to.
I release the energy that has been holding me back from living my life with purpose.
I am grateful today for the new awakening.
I’m grateful that I’m finally getting it.
I’m grateful for the release through the tears shed.
I’m grateful for another chance to try and get this right.
Today I’m grateful that god has shown me that I have no need to fear anything because he has my back.
Today I’m grateful for

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