Pursuing a life of purpose

You may be, have been or is like me; searching for your purpose, your passion. That thing you are responsible for undertaking in your life that will be your connector to the universe. I’ve realized that the answer to all the questions sought will be found within and with time. Patience is your supreme virtue for it brings peace to your present. Be patient with yourself! Keep asking questions, don’t stop searching for answers, and trust that your truth will present itself.

Finally, when it does, prepare to listen. Be prepared to move because it’ll all start working out. Your disconnected dots will be connected, and the wheels of progress will start turning. You’ve got to be ready! Ready to accept everything you’ve been seeking for. Believe that God’s got your back and is leading you in the direction of your purpose. Trust that the fear you feel represents resistance to the greatness of who you are and becoming. Work with fear, not against it. Allow it to propel you forward keeping momentum.

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I’ve realized that projects that I started in the past that I’ve long put to rest because they just weren’t working out is coming to life again. It clearly wasn’t the time for it yet. You might be experiencing this as well. Now that it’s back, God is declaring, you’re equipped to explore the opportunities you can create for yourself.

Purpose Driven Life

Generating opportunities for yourself can look like; being open to putting yourself out there, building your networking, developing your skills, getting experience through volunteer work and building your portfolio. This can lead to doors opening that you never knew existed. Truth is when your time has arrived you’ve got to be ready like the US Army. You’ve got to hit the ground running, and I don’t mean with speed but instead with precision, diligence, love, understanding, empathy, faith, courage and confidence.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you’ll have to stay present. Enjoy the build-up from the foundation. Eventually, the day will come where the seeds you’ve been pruning for years will suddenly blossom in full beauty. I’ll like for you to be present to enjoy your work and to observe how it inspires and is enjoyed by others.

If you haven’t discovered your truth/purpose/passion as yet, trust me, do not give up. Keep searching, keep questioning, keep praying, trust and keep hope alive. You’re right where you need to be at this moment. Entrust the universe to guide your path and be consistently grateful. Allow Grace to fill every moment of your life for all will be well.

Purpose Driven Life

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