Podcasts to subscribe to in 2018

Podcast to subscribe to in 2018 (1)

Last year, I was focused on bettering myself in every way possible. I wanted to learn, grow and develop new habits that will help me accomplish the goals I made for myself. I was all about bringing awareness to self, spirituality, business, health etc. This journey of awareness brought me into the arms of podcasts. I started searching for the topics on my goals list and I found and subscribed to some great ones. There is a podcast for nearly everything. I found one in particular, which resonated so deeply, I was hooked.

Podcasts are so insightful, helpful and inspiring that if you haven’t hopped on that train yet then you need to. Let me help you get started with a few of the ones I’m subscribed to and maybe you’ll fall in love as well or come across some others that instantly captures your attention.

My Podcast List:

Having it ALL with Matthew Bivens.
This was the first podcasts I’ve ever subscribed to and it has brought so much awareness in my life. Imagine I’ve even emailed Matthew a few times to chat on topics he discussed. That’s to tell you how much I enjoyed his content. He is REAL, AUTHENTIC and RELATABLE.

Satsang with Mooji
I came across a video of Mooji and it felt like a light bulb went off in my head illuminating every crease and corner. His wisdom implored in me a need to hear more, learn more, and know more about his teaching.

TED Talks
I love TED Talks because there is always something interesting being presented. You can find discussions on nearly every topic, which would make your learning versatile.

–  Hack the Entrepreneur
Are your trying to harness the entrepreneurial mindset? Then this podcast is for you. I’m majorly interested in entrepreneurship so imagine my joy coming across this podcast that interviews people who are already who I want to become. Learning from their mistakes, taking in tips they share and embracing the inspirations that come out of these interviews are awesome.

Tony Robbins
I heard about Tony Robbins for the first time from the Having It ALL podcast. The episode, which was talking about Tony’s documentary “I am not your Guru“, sent me straight to Netflix to experience him myself. OMG, to say I was intrigued, touched, inspired, and motivated is an understatement. He has the kind of presence that makes one want to be a part of. His podcast teaches a lot about financial freedom, and life-altering content that once applied can be so amazingly fruitful.

Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner
As a blogger, I need all the social media education I can get. Marketing is very important in creating a brand and making it work for you. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of social networking and how to make your brand seen.

‎Hey Girl with Alex Elle
This is my most recent addition introduced to me by another blogger Grenada Soul Adventurer. I follow Alex Elle on IG and I find her content very soothing. She is like the “everything will be fine”, friend in my head :-).

I hope you guys found this helpful and if you already have any that you listen to please feel free to share them with me.

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  1. Chantal says:

    Aahhhh so many podcasts!! I just want to devour them all LOL I’m always wondering how can I find the time to listen to everything I want. But, I liked your list! I’m going to check some of these out! Thanks for sharing Laureen!

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