Me and my phases, lord help me.
I’m not a crier but i find myself tearing up alot in these past few days.
I’m on an emotional rollercoaster, so much is going on within me and around me.
Its hard to ignore it so i have embrace it and work with it.
God is working in me, I could feel it.
I have to give up control though and allow him to take over.
I think its my need for control that’s creating the emotional unbalance within me and being a Libra isn’t helping the situation.
This phase though is the leap to a new start, a new moment in time for me and I’m open.
I Foresee many challenges that i need to be fearless about and I’m open. I’m open to it all.
Leaving tomorrow to faith and focusing on living and growing today.
(journal entry 11/9/13)

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