People/ Entrepreneurs of Interest Highlights

This week will be the first of my biweekly schedule of People/ Entrepreneurs of Interest Highlights. Every other week I would be posting about people I’ve come acrossed whom I deem as interesting; whether it be their ideas or their products. 


My first highlight is my cousin LENIJAY who runs an awesome informative social vlog that you should definitely check out. Her platform is about being AUTHENTICALLY you. Too much times we lose sight of who we are and instead support the trend/crowd and become followers instead of what we were placed here to be. Getting lost in the hustle and bustle of technology, social media, social trends and more is in my opinion a social crisis.
LeniJay videos are filled with great contents and her tips are always on point every week. She gives a straight in your face, but down to earth vibe that REAL people can appreciate.
 You can check her out here —> LeniJay Talks.
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2 responses to “People/ Entrepreneurs of Interest Highlights”

  1. Awww, 🙂 Thank you for the shout out cuz! Keep doing your do and evolve into your greater self! I shared your blog on my G+ Muah! Shine like a star!

  2. Diamond says:

    You're most welcome luv 😀

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