Self-Love Project: I am Healing. I am growing.

Silver Sands Grenada: My Experience At The Exquisite Beach Lounge

Ten must attend events for Spicemas 2020

Growing up a Nigerian Woman: Interview with Ijeoma Victoria Ufomba


Ijeoma is a Nigerian born student studying pre-med at St. George’s University in Grenada. Initially aspiring to become a surgeon, Ijeoma passions has developed and expanded in the area of…

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Are Gender Roles Different Based On Culture?


People share a common nature but are trained in gender roles. Lillie Devereux Blake Gender roles vary considerably throughout cultures. As Women’s History Month approached, I reflected on the role…

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Did You Know: Interview with Valene Nedd


Hello, awesomes the “Did you know?” series continues with our first feature for 2019 Ms. Valene Nedd. Valene Nedd is a versatile powerhouse, with a voice that can be taken…

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The Ultimate Spicemas 2019 Getaway Package


Revelers, are you ready for Spicemas 2019? As a matter of fact, I am in full gear and ready to go. You guys know that carnival is my thing; I…

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Maybe it’s Karma, five years to forty and single


Life is about owning your story, growing, changing and constantly becoming.…

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