Waiting on this ride to end so that the need to jump off in mid air would decease.
My thoughts like air particles bouncing out of control in the expansions of my mind.
Mindless wonders of what could be if only,
If only things were different, if only you were different.
It could all be so simple but you rather make it hard. Loving you is like a battle…
Lauryn hill echoes as my emotions decline…..and we both end up scarred.
I can’t see an end but a start is not even in sight so where the hell I’m I in this battle. Where do I stand?
I’m I fighting to lose or is there hope for gain?
Cause right now the pain is exhausting; the simplicity of a positive thought seems dead.
The one day happy, one day depressed elevator ride needs to shut down for a minute so I can focus. 
Focus on me, instead of us……

2 responses to “Next Stop….PENTHOUSE”

  1. Don Carlos says:

    Very touching. I feel your pain and understand your situation.

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