My thoughts- It’s ok to not be ok!

And into the forest, I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. ~ John Muir

Nature is my space to clear my head, revive my spirit, and bask in its natural healing powers. We all need to have some form of retreat to quiet the mind when our lives get a bit too loud. 

My worry today lies in the thoughts of all the people who are held captive in the dungeon of negative thoughts, fueled by the current realities. I read a news headline that says, the next wave of this pandemic will be a rise in mental illness. This is the time to nurture relationships. People need people NOW. 

It’s easy to succumb to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression during these times. Some people’s situations may have changed drastically overnight with them being unprepared to handle. Jobs have been lost, some families are unsure of where their next meal is coming from, the kids are driving them up the wall, and the frustration of it all can push the most unsuspecting people over the edge. 

Maybe you’re reading this right now feeling like you’re at your wit’s end. Maybe you feel like you just can’t find a solution to those problems that are knocking on your door. Maybe you feel like you’re in this alone. But, I want you to remember that you’re not. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I know it might be hard but help is a text, phone call, or social media post away. Reach out because trust me, people are more willing to be of service than you’ll ever believe. Also, be honest with yourself and those who love and care for you. It’s ok to not be ok. 

For those who are able to feed and nurture those vulnerabilities and have been able to show up strong in the face of calamities. I urge you to be vigilant to the moods, conversations, complaints, and most importantly the silence of the people in your circle and those within reach. Check-in when possible. Offer assistance where needed. Sometimes your strength is all that’s needed to give someone else hope.  Keep working on strengthening your mental stability, cause you have to be prepared for what might be ahead. 

One day at a time my friends. All hands on deck; we are in this together. I am my brother/sisters keeper. Stay safe ❤️

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