Grenada: Sandals La Source Resort and Spa, Day Pass

Day Pass Sandals La Source Grenada

Sandals La Source Grenada Day Pass 

At the start of the year January 2015, I was blessed with a relaxing and welcoming experience to culminate my vacation in my beloved island Grenada. I spent a day with myself at Sandals La Source Resort and Spa, after purchasing a guest day pass (I believe I paid about $125 USD). The day was supposed to be spent with my bestie but unfortunately she couldn’t make it. I decided to make the best of it anyways and so the day converted into a”Laureen Day”. I had a blast in my own company whilst being friendly with the workers and other guests.




View of Sandals La Source Resort groundsimg_0258

Check In

I got to the hotel at 8am and checked in. Guess what….. The young lady at the reception desk and I shared the same surname. Nice ice breaker to start my day, right? I took that as a sign that it will be a great day. After check in, I was free to roam and immediately went off to find the best breakfast at the resort.


Selfie outside La jardiniere Restaurant


My resort map took me up the stairs to Le Jardiniere Restaurant. The french name piqued my interest and upon walking through the doors of such a beautiful ambiance I knew I did not make a mistake in my choice. The fresh flowers, the intimate and elegant atmosphere and the greetings from the staff were all I needed to feel like I was in paradise. My breakfast was delicious, the waiter was patient and helpful when I was a bit indecisive about what I wanted to order. Thumbs up to the staff. I must make mention of the manager that morning who was a bright faced, very friendly and jovial lady from St.Lucia; if I remember correctly. My first thought of her was ‘this lady knows customer service’. Her positive, happy energy should be the face of customer service everywhere. Wish I remembered her name but kudos to her.


Breakfast: Oatmeal @ La Jardiniere Restaurant


Breakfast: Omelette @ La Jardiniere Restaurant


After fueling my body for the morning’s activities, I headed to Red Lane Spa. There I purchased a 60 min massage from heaven. Best decision I made that morning. While waiting for my massage room to be ready I took my ‘fassness’ and headed to the steam room. Real, ‘never see come see behavior’. I have to laugh at the memory and myself.
I entered the steam room with my robe not knowing if I needed to be naked or not. I sat for awhile by myself listening to the silence and the water dripping around me. Out of the blue Lawd Jesus steam came from everywhere making it hard to see and the heat sent me in panic mode. All I heard was the dum dum, dum dum music from horror movies warning of impending doom (#overactivemindsyndrome). The trend of my thoughts where along the lines of, ‘what if someone locked the door and I got steamed to death’. Omg what a freaking tragedy and horrific death that would be 😩. I ran to the door totally screaming, panicking while trying to pull it open. When I stepped outside I don’t think anyone was more relieved than I was. I stupidly looked around to make sure my madness didn’t have an audience, I chuckled sheepishly to myself smh. You just can’t make these things up 😂.

After my ‘no words to explain’ experience, I returned to the spa just in time to hear that my masseuse was ready to work her magic. Magic is what she did indeed. I mean who doesn’t like a good massage??? My masseuse hands were a healer to my tense muscles and tired body. After all, I was at the end of my Christmas vacation where galavanting was a must in my book 24/7. She made me feel so relaxed and peaceful I dosed in and out of sleep. Is that not what relaxation does?


Nexttttt you ask…. What would take my day of relaxation up a notch…..you got it Ah ah ah ah alcohol 😂. After changing into my swimsuit and left the spa I headed to the bar which was located close to the shores of the beautiful ocean with its tranquil views. I got myself a glass of Johnny Walker and Coke, my choice for the day and went to grab a beach chair in the shade to take in my blessings. How blessed was I at about 10/11 in the morning, on the beach, without a care in the world with my cup of Johnny 😱.

Whilst sitting, capturing pics of the scenery and a few selfies here and there, playing tourist; my serenity was disturbed by a security telling me I needed to relocate since they were about to set up in that area for a wedding.
So I headed down to the beach to walk down the jetty.

The breeze was heavy creating big splashes of waves that sprinkled on my face greeting me with an enthused hello. There I captured what I thought was an amazing shot. Here let me share …..


Vain you might say, but I see the way the shadows reflect kindly on my skin and I think art. Can’t you feel the ambiance? I mean seriously. LOL
Moving on, I took a dip in the ocean which was pretty rough so I did not stay long. Found a new spot to lounge and people watch for a bit. I took in the setting of the resort, the architecture and placement of everything. I imagined myself in one of the rooms lounging in the balcony private pool with my significant other having some champagne watching the sunset. What a romantic place this was I thought as I started feeling a bit lonely. Darn the alcohol 🙈 LOL.

img_0292 img_0297 img_0296 img_0284
View of rooms from under my shade


To regain my happiness, I went in search of lunch. My hunger brought me to Spices Restaurant where the food was buffet style. I think I was late, so my options weren’t great. I made a small plate and of course had some yummy dessert. The food was good but nothing to rave about.
I’m guessing dinner time is much lovelier and livelier at the resort. While eating I remembered my cousin worked at the resort as a chef so I sought to find her since I didn’t get to see her since my vacay started. I was happy she was at work, it was good seeing a familiar face.


Pool Fun

After a bit of chit chatting I left the restaurant and headed to the pool area that hosted activities. The activity for the day was volley ball while Dj Danny entertained with cool music. I did not partake in the games but I watched while I grabbed another ‘you know what’ from the bar and allowed the water to caress my skin. I Shared some pleasantries and small talk with a few guests at the pool. Everyone seemed extremely happy to be on vacation on such a lovely island at a breath taking resort.

 Impromptu Photo Shoot

As my time was winding down I made way to see what else the resort had to offer and also find someone to take some pics. I was over taking selfies. My stroll took me to a duck pond and the gym. I heading into the gym in search of a restroom when I bumped into my photographer for the evening. A handsome gentleman/muscle man hehehe by the name of Vonne Francis (whom I found out after is one of Grenada’s national body builder). I was intrigued with his physique and so we got into fitness talks since I was and still is on my health and fitness journey. After a refreshing conversation, I asked for his assistance in taking some photos. Lawd was I thankful to have a photographer because who loves impromptu photo shoots more than this girl :-). I just had to be apart of the gorgeous scenery.

(I can’t just leave water alone 🙈)

This man made looking waterfall was beautiful and another artistic part of the whole architecture and ambiance of Sandals Grenada that I enjoyed.

End of Day Pass

😩 Now it’s time to leave. I was able to change an freshen up in a nice little restroom and then proceeded to check out. It was such a beautiful, happy and peaceful experience for me; I can’t wait to return and check out their night pass. Look out for that review very soon.


These are the kind of moments I aspire my vacations to be like. I wish I can say everyday but ummm I’m no ‘Trump’. But one day one day congotay as Grenadians say. It’s truly a blessing when you can enjoy the niceties of your country.


👍🏾👍🏾 to Sandals Grenada for this awesome experience. I would definitely encourage anyone to purchase a day pass and enjoy a day of luxurious relaxation.


PS. Picture qualities suck a bit, camera died and tablet crashed, but hold your horses cause they will be better forthcoming.
I plan on doing more day passes at other hotels in Grenada. Stay tune for my reviews.


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