Loading Chapter 36 with Grace, Growth & Gratitude

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How do you feel? How do you feel? Is the question that’s been echoing in my head as I woke. How do I really feel? A smile surfaced as I thought about my answer. Truth is, at this moment I feel peace engulfed in beauty. I believe I am exactly where I need to be at this time. I have all I need. 

The past 3 months have been quite interesting for me since I decided to spend some more time in Grenada. I would share some more on my extended vacay in another post.  So much happened in that short period that has changed my life and outlook. I think I’ve gained more trust in myself myself becoming the leader in my own life. I was introduced again to the law of attraction and this time it stuck. A few years ago, I heard a friend talking about how it changed her life. It wasn’t my time to digest it then but this time it made sense.

I’ve been seeing it in action and all it took was a mindset shift. I had to change the narrative in my head. I had to stop telling myself that I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t deserve great things, that I wasn’t lovable, and all those lies. Trust me, I am wired to win and I was winning with those beliefs. My mind attracted everything that reinforced that negative narrative. I knew I didn’t want that kind of win. 

And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. ~Paulo Coelho

Even with all the negative narrative flowing through my mind, there was one narrative that was constantly in my consciousness. It was a constant call for help, for change, for healing, for becoming the person I knew I needed to be. I always felt that I needed someone on the outside to save me from myself; preferable a therapist. I believed that another human was my ticket out of trauma land. I came in contact with a few I thought will cure me indefinitely but the price tag wasn’t one I could sacrifice for. That left me still searching, still feeling like I need someone to set me straight.

The universe conspiracy began when I made an IG post and a friend commented. The follow-up convo we had steered me on a welcome part of freedom. I released the belief that I needed someone to help me heal. I realized that I was scared to face myself by myself. I’m known to always want a company to do things and this was one of them. I learned that I didn’t need it and I am much stronger on my own. 

Photo credit: TR Photography

Trust your intuition, start there. Let go of the uncertainty that someone else needs to guide you on this or that healing looks a particular way and if it doesn’t then you’re doing it wrong.  ~ K. Abraham

Once that clicked my life took me on the part of ownership; taking responsibility for what happens next. The universe continued lining my path with humans who “saw” me, with new opportunities, friendships, love, and a better sense of purpose. Everything isn’t perfect but life is starting to make more sense.

I welcome the unknown of chapter 36 with keen curiosity and excitement. Find me focusing my thoughts to attract positive abundance. Guess what, you can do it as well. What do you want for your life? Wake up every morning and envision it. Follow through by Living as though it has happened already. Affirm every day that you are whatever it is you want to be. Start your sentence with I AM. It’s important what follows, so be mindful of who you say you are.

Today I AM grateful for start overs :).

As I enter chapter 36 my wish is for all of us to find our peace and happiness within. May we flourish in all its abundance. 

Love y’all for reading <3



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