Life after 30 (Part 2)


11. Accept your WORTH and your TALENTS– Embrace the gifts that you were blessed with. We all have different strengths. Don’t be afraid to walk in the spotlight when your talent shines through. Be THANKFUL and USE it cause you can certainly LOSE it.

12. Be IMPATIENT to nonsense and things that won’t help you grow – Whatever is toxic in your life GET RID of it. Whether it be friends, family, spouse, job, pet etc LET IT GO.

13. TRUST– I saw how important it is for my relationships. My distrust in people made it uneasy to have an honest relationship when I’m always expecting the worse. Give people a chance and allow them to prove themselves to you.

14. Love UNCONDITIONALLY– I cheat myself when I love with conditions. When I love because or do for someone because. I lose the authentic experience that genuine love gives. Don’t love half ass, it’s either you’re in or out. We’re too grown for that.

15. Let go of UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS – I noticed how much expectations I put on myself and especially on the people in my life. I expect people to think like me, love like me, do things the way I do it, love me in a certain way etc. That created so many disappointments and frustrations that I am slowly letting it go.

16. MEDITATE – I give myself a break during my day to just be. My mind is a never-ending stream of ideas, info etc. Taking at least 5 minutes just to sit and breathe and listen to your body is like a rejuvenation. You will feel refreshed, you might come up with the solution to a problem, your mind might spring a great idea, you never know the goodness of taking a time out to meditate until  you try it. GO AHEAD, give yourself 5 mins to decompress.

17. Always be GRATEFUL – Say “Thank you”, even when things don’t go your way. By being appreciative of what you have you welcome the universe to bless you with more.

18. LISTEN to your INTUITIONS– you know that nagging feeling you get sometimes, that little tug on your heartstring trying to lead you in the right direction. But, nooo you’re pig-headed and think you know better only to find out you should have stopped, paid attention and LISTENED to your inner being. I realize anytime I go against that ‘feeling’ things don’t work out. I lean on my heart now and not my own understanding.

19. Be mindful of the beauty that surrounds you – I take more time to be present and admire the souls around me. The animals, the trees, the grass, the sun, the wind, everything that contributes to the evolution of life. Being one with nature serves as an antidote that calms your inner crazy.

20. Don’t stop BLOSSOMING– Stunting your growth with negatives etc is a big NO NO especially when you’re over thirty. Be childlike, be silly, don’t be too serious about life, run in the rain, walk bare feet, go skinny dipping. Don’t shrivel up, KEEP BLOSSOMING.

3 responses to “Life after 30 (Part 2)”

  1. Sandy says:

    Love this ❤️

  2. Liz says:

    A great life, these are even more thought provoking than he beginning of the list. Great food for thought 🙂

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