Interview with Kirton Roberts aka Alma Boy

Did you know? Interview with Alma Boy

How much do you know about Alma Boy and your favorite artistes? I took the chance to ask some random questions to a few Grenadian entertainers, whose answers I am sure will interest most of you.

The first entertainer up in this installment is Kirton ‘Alma Boy’ Roberts. The name Alma Boy came from Kirton’s mom whose name was Alma. As a young kid, he was called Alma’s little boy and never by his first name. Kirton’s mom passed away when he was 15 years old. Now as an artiste, he is honored to allow her memory to live on through his stage name; Alma Boy.

With his biggest hit last year, Mind Games which had his fans screaming ‘Woyeeeee, lawddd’ as they sang along to the sweet chorus, Alma boy kept his consistency again this year by bringing another hit to the mainstream ‘A next man.’

Shall we get to know Mr. Alma Boy a little bit more?

*Interview questions were answered via voice note and transcribed in its raw dialect form to keep the authenticity and personality of the artiste.

Alma Boy

AB: What, pisses me off hmmm, well I have two things that really bothers me. Man, I can’t stand to see people chewing with their mouths open and hear that sound nyam nyam nyam….dat does drive me up ah wallll. Another thing is, littering, I hate to see people driving in their car and just throw things out their windows. Or, they have a bag in their hand or plastic bottle and they just drop it down….DAT PISSES ME OFF.

Alma Boy

AB: Well, I’ve been accomplishing a few of my buckets lists. You know, especially with the performing from place to place, traveling, doing what I love. But, one place I would love to go perform, and not just me alone but I would love to bring my daughter with me, is on a stage in AFRICA. Really, that’s one of my dreams, one of my goals, it’s top on my bucket list.

Kirton 'Alma Boy' Roberts

AB: I’ve always been scared to do a backflip. So, I have to. I must scratch that off at some point. I would need someone to take a video when I attempt it. I’m always saying let me do it but I get so scared. I need to get it off my list though. I AM GOING TO DO IT!

Kirton 'Alma Boy' Roberts

AB: I love being a West Indian. One thing I enjoy most is just us getting together whether it’s for a cook up, party, whatever it is. When we get together its pure vibes, fun, and energy. It’s like you don’t even have to have a lot of money. You can just call up your boys a Tuesday night and say, “watch, let’s cook something. I have some fish…” Someone else would say, “Ah have drinks” and we get together and is fun, it’s love, it’s vibes, it’s just free up, it’s … you can’t replace that feeling. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. It’s authentic to West Indian living. That’s just us, just ah vibes.

Kirton 'Alma Boy' Roberts

AB: You know what, my mother Alma always inspired me but I only had her for 15 years of my life. But, she left someone amazing to take care of me, that’s my sister Molly. Molly Roberts, I call her Molly Molls, she inspires me the most. She is just a strong woman physically, mentally, and emotionally. I mean, she has her times, she is… you know she is not perfect but to me she is. Her dedication and her love, her drive and her passion, everything about her; I just hmmm. I got a lot of who I am today from her, just being around her.
She inspires me, the way she pushes on. She is a person who would always tell me, “do not focus on the problem, but focus on solving the problem.” So I always have that in me. I wouldn’t stay stressed out over stuff because I want to solve it. I want to do it! I want to make sure I get it done right and not emotionally, you know? I want to do it with a clear head and she always encourages that. She is just a strong black woman who inspires me the most. BIG UP MOLLY MOLLS!

Kirton 'Alma Boy' Roberts

AB: Well, I had kind of a split personality. A lot of times I was quiet and cool, laidback but I was very active. I was heavily involved in music, academics, and sports; in fact, I did track, played cricket for my school GBSS, played football, I was in the choir and I also maintained really good grades. I got an award on graduation night for most outstanding “All-round” student, which I am proud of. I was involved in everything, debate club, EVERYTHING… and a little secret; I liked the AHS girls. In my GBSS days when we finished school, we down by high school, you know, it was a vibe …yeah!  I was disciplined; I wasn’t one that was just against authority. I was pretty active most of the time, other times I was reserved.

Kirton 'Alma Boy' Roberts

AB: Amazingly I like to be home. I’m a homebody. Sometimes I go on Facebook and Instagram but I like reading articles and stuff, African history. I like watching the news to know what’s going on around the world. And, I love spending time with my daughter, Heaven. We go to the movies as much as we can when I get a little spare time. As of late, I’ve been pretty busy so I know she is like “oh daddy is doing so much”. She understands but I try my best to spend as much time with her. Not just time but QUALITY TIME. I really like being home, chilling, relaxing; Heaven, my family and Me. Surprisingly everybody thinks I’m this person that always like to be out there because of the energetic vibes I bring on stage, but nah!

Kirton 'Alma Boy' Roberts

AB: What I would add… I would like for the carnival committee to give more credence to the jab. I want us to put more focus on the “Jab Jab.” It seems like they trying to roll it back a bit in recent years. But, I know people when they come for Grenada carnival all they want to experience is the Jouvert. I know the committee wants to broaden the carnival a little bit with everything else BUT… “Jab Jab” is authentic to Grenada and we have to focus on it.  Some other island may just come up and say, yuh know what, “Grenada not taking the Jab Jab serious let us do it instead.” Ah mean yuh never know.

I would like to see Jab all year round. In the sense of, there are these guys for example Slum who love the culture. These guys should be hired all year round, to showcase Jab when visitors come in from the airport or the cruise ships. Have them out there in their Jab fit, skin oiled down, wearing their helmets with the horns marketing our carnival product. Not only that but have some pamphlets to hand out explaining what the jab is all about, why we oil our skin, why we wear the horns, the smoke herring, the saltfish, everything. So people could understand rather than have a fear of it.  

What I would like to minus from the carnival is politics. I mean I don’t want to go into depth with that, you know what I mean but, I would like to be honest. Politics can just axe you out of anything in Grenada. The island is too small for this; even the respect level that’s given to artisteS is one of the things too I’d love to be added. They should give artistes much more respect. Because without us carnival is nothing. Without the soca music carnival is nothing. It seems as though we are in the bottom of the food chain, you know. The respect I am talking about is not just, well mainly for us as an artistes, we put in a lot of work and we want to give the best quality in music out there. But, we feel like we are not being compensated to the best, you know. I mean we would love to be compensated much better than we are right now.

Money is a motivation; I love doing it already. They can’t stop me from doing it but, I need to stop feeling like “stupes, boy ah wonder if this worth it,” yuh know. Most artistes’ feel like that because you love what you do but you have to spend to get what you do out there.  I wish we can be compensated much better than we are right now.

That’s what I would add and subtract… let’s just run this thing like the big show it is. Grenada has something special and the world has to recognize that.

Kirton 'Alma Boy' Roberts

AB: Well that question kinda tricky for me because I not really ah drinker. Ah cyar handle liquor, I don’t do it. Ah perform on a normal head; ah do all meh craziness on a normal head. I don’t really drink like that but, if I have to give one I’ll choose Rivers. A lot of people may say Rivers have this stink smell. But to me, it doesn’t have a stink smell. It has a DISTINCT smell. It had a time I went to this big fete and it’s like everybody was drinking Rivers and it’s just aromatherapy of Rivers. I was like, WAW lol! I didn’t drink it myself but I’ll give Rivers the edge against the other two. I might take a drink, where 95% of the mix is juice so you barely taste the alcohol lol. 

Alma Boy

AB: Well there is this one little thing that I like. I mean I don’t know if I could… well as you can see I have a bald head and (goes down in a soft tone) I like getting it rubbed, oh gosh. I like a nice soft rub from women soft hands, oh lord that does… hmmm don’t lemme get lost in that kinda thought lol. Sorry Sorry … but um, yea that is something about me that I never tell people about. Ah love getting meh baldhead rub.

I also have a soft spot in my heart for black women. I really appreciate my black women. I think they have it so hard already in life, whereas black people on a whole but I believe our black women have it even tougher. So, I have a real soft spot. I just want to champion black women causes. There are things like domestic violence; you know I hate it with a passion. I would love to, start something during my career that I can establish a place that women can come to if they have been abused. Ah just want to be able to help them in that way…and the kids.  I love the kids. You’ll always hear a lot of my music involving kids and women because I just have a soft spot for them, my black people, my black women.

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  1. Raedonna Chung says:

    Such a great read! Appreciate the write up on our artist. More of this please.

  2. Dee Fire says:

    Love this…would love for Some Of Grenada other artists to get some exposure like this.

  3. This piece had me reading to the end. I really like the depth of the content you covered. Amazing! Definitely worth sharing!

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    More is coming up 🙌🏾

  5. I loved this Laureen!! Lol It def made me laugh out loud at certain parts! Great job overall!

  6. Shonta says:

    That was amazing!!! Saw you over the years,but now I think I have sence of who you are and I love it all!!! We love soca music bad, African women for their strength our culture and most off all African music. I would love to be on stage with Wiz kid, Davido, p square all off these great Artists including you and and all my Grenadian people, seen your Energy and I love it. Blessup!!! Your sister did a great job!

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