COVID-19 Pandemic- The importance of being grounded

Being Grounded Convid-19

The importance of being Grounded during COVID-19, is not just to survive, but thrive. My hope is that this too shall pass. But, if that doesn’t happen, it would prove to be a challenge of strength. Only the strong-minded would survive. When the stress and anxiety hit, we must pull back and remember our core values. We have to stay present and embrace it with optimism and faith. We have to look out for each other.

This period, as a result, may prove rough, financially. One of the reasons why the importance of being Grounded during COVID-19 is essential. Most of us will have many “things” to take care of with not enough resources. If your back ever gets against the wall you have to remember, that all these extra things don’t make you, YOU. With or without the “fluff” you are ENOUGH, you are LOVED, you are SPECIAL and you are WORTHY. Keep reminding yourself of these things. Life would happen, things would get out of your control and we are challenged to see it as an opening for something different, even new.

With or without the "fluff" you are ENOUGH, you are LOVED, you are SPECIAL and you are WORTHY. Click To Tweet

Money and the rise to riches is a mentality that was man-made. We are already rich with life, nature, family, and friends. Riches can leave us but bet your bottom dollar at your lowest, there will always be someone on your side, the sun will always rise, the moon will always set, there will always be trees, seas, animals, and air. Those are our riches and if anything this period is teaching me is that as much as we want to excel professionally, own things and be Ms/Mr this or that, FREEDOM is the highest level of RICHNESS.

Importance of being Grounded during Convid-19

Therefore, strengthen your spirituality, whatever your values are based on. You must believe in something. Whatever it is, cling to it in these times. Hold strong to your faith, work on your relationships, forgive and let go of hate, show kindness no matter how small. Wake up and smile. Tell yourself today will be a good day no matter what. Love on yourself, dance in the mirror, cook, garden, do your nails, play in makeup, dress up just because, do your hair, take a bunch of selfies, have a glass of wine, video chat with your friends/ family, make love, masturbate, read, play some games, leave nice comments on social media posts, live in gratitude and do whatever necessary to feel good. Share love, be love, live in love. That’s what the universe needs the most now, LOVE.

I love and cherish each of you that reads this. Be well.

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  1. Istra says:

    You are absolutely right, these are trying times, but it is so important to stop and look around…see how much we already have to be grateful for. Great post!

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