Happy New Yearsssss
I know we’re already a month in but its never too late.
Learning, learning, learning
Growing, growing, growing
Hmmmm can’t escape experience and growth in life.
I have been negligent with this blog cause I’ve been a mental ninja lately. Woke up this morning and that phrase came to mind lol. I’ve been fighting growth and most experiences that I have been facing since 2014 has begun. This year has taken a very bumpy turn so far. I’m already exhausted and can’t wait to get through. Been so hard and still is to just let go and let be. I fight and fight with myself but I’m so accustomed to needing to be in control that’s it’s hard to surrender and give life to faith. I’m learning though that I have to.

…………………………………………(Lawd this has been in draft for the longest smh my bad.)


We’re now in June 2014, 6 months into the new year and lordddd have it been a close to the edge type of ride. I’m proud of myself so far, though. Continue reading as I would be updating more now. Thanks

SMH it is now Feb 2015…talk about neglect lol.
I have made many attempts to come back here and continue on this blog journey but I am clueless to what has been keeping me back. I’ve found myself avoiding, procrastinating and basically giving myself excuses to stay stuck in this foreign world in my head where although it’s a place I hate being in, its “Safe”.

And…the journey continues

I wanna hear what you think!

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