Sunday Musings

Happy Sunday everyone, it’s amazing and such a gratifying feeling to be once again present in the land of the living. The past week has been one filled with de JaVu experiences that I wish to never have to repeat again. This week has also been one filled with interesting ideas that I can’t wait to jump on. I’ll share them with you as soon as I start tackling them and they come to life. I truly have my work cut out for me going through this self-help, discovery, getting to know and fixing me journey. I’m working hard at being fearless. Took a hip hop dance class yesterday for the first time and it was pretty intense but interesting. The instructor talked about opening up and freeing ourselves and getting into the movement and music rather than just dancing over it. I listened carefully because dance is supposed to be a freeing art. It’s space where you release and let go of everything and drown yourself in the music and moves. For all the years I have been dancing I understand now that, that has been the biggest barrier I’m yet to cross. So letting go and being confident to do so is a struggle I would definitely have to work on now that I’m aware that its a problem. I can see how my over thinking and lack of confidence have kept me back from being the best dancer I can be. I know I have the talent and what it takes to take me to the point I want to be at but, I have to believe in me more. So my struggles continue. I’m taking it one day at a time cause Rome wasn’t built in a day. One thing on my agenda is finding a life coach/ counselor. I think that would be very helpful with me trying to sort and figure things out. That’s all for today folks, have a great one.
~ Diamond

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