Resource Guide: All you need to know for Spicemas 2019

Grenada Spicemas 2019 Guide

Hey Awesomes, we are a few weeks away from Grenada Spicemas 2019 and I am freaking ecstatic. The build-up has been totally rad so far with some interesting music. Hotels are sold out!!! Talk is, Spicemas 2019 will be the biggest one yet.  If you are already in gear and anticipating a great time, then check out this resource list for everything Spicemas. I’m here to ensure you have an extraordinary time at Grenada Spicemas 2019.

Spicemas 2019 Mas Bands

Spicemas 2019 Costumes
Band: X’Nova Experience / Section: Vixen

If you want to have a complete Grenada Spicemas 2019 Experience, then you’ll need a costume. Thankfully, there are a few bands with open sections. Here are a few choices:

Carnival XtascyThis would be X’stacy’s third year on the road as a party band presenting “La Conception”. Follow them on @carnivalxtascy for registration info.

SummerCrew– The original party band on the road for Spicemas; Summer Crew has been around since 1990. This year they present “The Reunion”.  Follow them on IG @summercrew.

X’Nova Experience (pronounced Zanova) – First year as an individual band X’Nova presents “I am Rebel”. Check out their IG @xnovalife for more info on registrations. 

Andre Garvey and Associates– Presenting “Carnival Couture”, Andre Garvey and Associates is a local favorite. This would be their second year as a party band. I played with them last year and had THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE. Great band to play with. Head over to their page to register.

Commancheros – A true staple in Grenada’s carnival, Commancheros is one of the oldest and original mas bands. They value tradition, so if you are looking for more conservative options you’ll find it here. Costumes and registration info is posted on their FB page…go take a look.

Helen Marie and Associates– Another one of the original bands for Grenada’s Carnival. This year they are presenting “Birds of a feather”. Visit their FB page for costume pics and registration information

AJ Associates– Fairly new on the fancy mas scene, AJ Associates has been consistent in presenting kids and adult costumes. They are the most affordable in my opinion with excellent options. Visit their page to view costume and register.

Spicemas 2019 Fetes Calendar

Fete after fete after fete… that is how Carnival goes and Grenada Spicemas 2019 will be no different. Actually, this year has the most fete ever. Loads of choices to explore. One thing I try not to leave for the last minute is my fete tickets. Getting this along with car rental, accommodation, and costumes out of the way help to free your mind before your trip begins.

Take advantage of early-bird tickets and get a bang for your buck. Plan out the events you will be attending early. Most tickets are conveniently sold online so grab them before you land. One less thing to think about, right? Now your budget will be for food, drinks and a good time.
Here is a list of events. You can find most or all tickets conveniently on  GO2FETE

Spicemas 2019 Event Calendar


Blocking drain is not considered appropriate accommodation by any means. If you haven’t booked a place to rest your bag, have access to a nice shower and bed (hopefully you will have time to truly sink into it) you might be out of luck. According to TripAdvisor carnival dates for hotels in St. George’s are all booked. Best bet is to check Airbnb.

Car Rentals

Booked your ride yet? If not stop wasting time and book. Vehicles become scarce very quick around the carnival season.

Taxi Service

If you want to free up and instead have a driver, contact and make arrangements with:

Real Grenadian Taxi and Tours

Spicemas 2019 Taxi service
Spicemas 2019 taxi

Tour Companies

With a packed itinerary getting the chance to explore the island might be a negative. If you are someone who would take a day off from partying to sight see then this info will be good for you.

These companies provide different tours and exploration for your liking:

Food & Drinks

The cuisine in Grenada is absolutely AH-MAZING. Many options for any lifestyle.


Jouvert starts at 5 am on Carnival Monday morning (Aug 12th) in St. George’s and ends at around 10 am. Bands congregate around the Kirani James Blvd and Botanical Garden roundabout area. The biggest Jouvert band led by Slum meets by the Botanical Garden roundabout.

The Jouvert experience is free. You’re in control of how much or how little of a part you play. The option to get as black and greasy as you like from head to toe or just a few smudges is all up to you. There are some bands that offer packages that include paint and possibly drinks. You can purchase a party and jouvert package for Summercrew‘s event “Day Break”. has a party and jouvert package, “Day Break”. It includes everything needed for a good time. Also, Mystique offers Jouvert packages.

Carnival Monday and Tuesday

You will be guided as to where your band will be meeting up and the time. There should be food/snacks at the meetup point or on the trucks. Pageant will take place at the Tanteen Playing field at 1 pm. Party bands (Bands not competing in competition) meetup at the same time and masqueraders dress in their Monday wear. The party band route usually goes from Kirani James Blvd to the Carenage. Since pageant is in Tanteen this year I am unsure of the route. However, no worries, go wherever your band leads :).

Carnival Monday wear 2018 with Andre Garvey & Associates

This year the parade route for Carnival Tuesday has been lengthened. The bacchanal sarts from the Grand Anse Post office at 11 am and ends on the Carenage. More road to jump, more fun and more vibes. Again, you will be directed to the meeting point by your band. Food/ snacks should be provided by the bands. This is your opportunity to SHINE in your full costumes and pose for your magazine shot :). Cameramen/women are always on the road ready to capture the action.

Monday Night Mass

This event features businesses sponsored bands that compete for the best band on the road. Patron purchase packages that consist of a t-shirt/bodysuit/top, lighted props and drink bands or chits. Packages are normally between $100-$120 XCD. The Carib band is known to be the biggest every year and has been the winner for the past couple years. A huge portion of the local population partakes in Monday Night mas. The Carenage from drone view looks like a big Christmas tree with twinkling pretty lights throughout.

Carib Monday Night Mass Band

Monday Night Mas Bands

Carnival Makeup

There are many makeup artists from local and abroad, who are now booking appointments for the Carnival Tuesday Slay. Book your appointment now to get your carnival beat.

Emergency Numbers

Police- 911


Grenlec- 237

Coastguard- 399


Hope you and your crew have an awesome Grenada Spicemas 2019 experience.

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