Grenada Spicemas 2017: The Experience of a Lifetime!

Y’all Grenada Spicemas 2017 was NICEEEE. The fun level was on 100! I honestly can say I had a good ole time with my friends and can’t wait to do it again next year, once life permits. No one can tell me they didn’t enjoy Spicemas 2017. You would have had to be totally WACK to not have a ball. I’m sure many like myself are still reveling in the memory of the fun under that blazing hot sun. This trip for me was something else, an emotional rollercoaster at times but apart from my personal hiccups, carnival itself was BOSS.

Spicemas 2k17

Carnival tabanka is no joke! Is there a pill I can take to make me get over this? I can’t watch jouvert pics without smelling ole oil and feeling that stinging sun on my back once again. Cringing as I remember that heat, bon jay! The sun was either vex people were having a good time or it was simply playing its own mass up there in the sky. I’ll go with the latter, all ah we play ah mass for Grenada Spicemas 2017. Listen, I can’t watch pretty mas pics without feeling to put on my costume one more time. All for the sake of reliving the memories made on the road, jumping up, whining down, tapping screens, splitting in the middle and drinking rum with meh friends and dem.


Grenada Spicemas 2017

Last year carnival was good, it wet my appetite. This year, Grenada Spicemas 2017 was AWESOME, I ate my belly full figuratively and literally. I threw out all my good habits for a month and lived that YOLO life. You really think I could come all the way to Grenada and pass up on Grenada’s outstanding food and rum. Ah never hear that yet, ha, not me.

Jouvert Morning

Now for the good stuff… y’all my behavior was nearly stink like vagrant…note, nearly. My friends and I came to play ah mass and a mass was played for real. Jouvert morning, the meetup point for my possie was the botanical garden roundabout. That is where the biggest and baddest jab band congregated.

It felt like everyone and their mama was waiting for that morning since carnival finished last year. The vibe in the air was exciting, with pure laughter, watching guys in their jab jab uniform (ole oil and dutty thong) and ole talking as people greased their skin and applied their ole oil to get things started.

We grabbed some lard from a passing jab and we dabbed it over her bodies. I think I over dabbed because when we hijacked a bucket of oil from another jab my black wasn’t black enough. I didn’t accomplish the super black look I was going for. My friend bought gloves thank god because my fake nails would have been a hot mess after.

Grenada Spicemas 2017

The crew out and bad

Grenada Spicemas 2017

Took a pic with artiste Lyrikal from SVG

It was so lit jumping from band to band, floating in a sea of black bodies, horns, colorfully painted bodies, wheelchairs, caskets, small bicycles, chains and gimmicks of all kinds. When the intro to my fav song came on the speaker box, we all held our heads and started shouting ‘meh head gone stray way’ at the top of our lungs, jumping and laughing like wild children.

Oh lord, don’t talk about when Wuss Ways, ‘Top striker’ came on and people just went wild. I nearly forgot about the latest song that hit the street just in time for the bacchanal, ‘When ah finish eat’ by Courage. That song was wicked and full of vibes on the road.

At some point, we were dodging buckets of water being thrown around because we weren’t sure where the guys were getting the water from. That was fun and a great way to cool down from the smothering heat but I was not trying to get any ringworms.

We formed somewhat of a Congo line as we moved through the crowd so that no one will get separated from the group. It was a line of waistline pelting, bam bam shaking and everyone enjoying the rhythm of the music. I’m sure the men were upset cause we were too wild to stick around and whine with them. It was funny how some tried to join the line and separate us.

We were certainly our own entertainments, with unstoppable laughter trying to keep up and going through the crowd as though we had a jab mission. Everyone we bumped into had to make sure we were dabbed with whatever colors they were playing in. Some people were looking like black Christmas trees with glitter on top. Ha, that sounds like my crew cause we were totally repping with every band on the road. Grenada Spicemas 2017 Jouvert was definitely one for the books.

Carnival Monday

Grenada Spicemas 2017

Monday I played mas with Summer Crew, in a section called Hyacinth that was powered by my friend Katusha aka Sugar n Spice. I must say that was a great choice. Our section was filled with fun, free-spirited people who all contributed to an awesome experience. I was totally feeling myself in my Monday wear. It was sexayyyy.

Our band had some real hawtt girls who could totally split in the middle. That song was the bomb dot com on the road Monday. Not everyone played mass Monday, therefore there weren’t many spectators on the road which we totally took over. The Carenage was ours for the taking and it was well took.

I loved how the talented masqueraders put on a show on the road. It was massss, mixed with passa passa. The energy was totally lit as women as well as men bruck out to “split in the middle”. Who on they head whining, dance moves I’ll have to start practicing now to pull off next year hahaha, made that moment stick out in my memory. That was totally a talented group of ppl who certainly entertained those like me who would have tried to split and stick in the middle hahaha. That was fun with a capital F.

My new fav rum is Westerhall dark rum. My bedazzled cup compliments sugar n spice never went empty because drinks never ran out which is always a big plus in carnival. Ain’t nobody wants to be behind a truck that didn’t have drinks yuh mad or what. That would have been serious problems. The truck had enough water and soft drinks on board too. So kudos Summer crew for making my Grenada Spicemas 2017 Monday on the road EPIC.

Monday Night Mas

Grenada Spicemas 2017

Photo credit: Trinidad Carnival Diary

Although tired AF, walking into the vibrancy of Monday night mas, the sea of lights and the glorious array of colors gave me a bit of life. It looked sooo beautiful, but seeing pics from photographers left me in awe. I played with Amazing Colors, corner ambition section. The package was not bad for EC $90.

I was disappointed though when I found the band and needed a red bull or something to give me a boost of energy and couldn’t get any. They didn’t even have coke much less water. That pissed me off because it was too early in the night to have water run out. I was turned off, to say the least. I had to leave the band to go buy a drink from a vendor. God knows why that happened because as I’m drinking my red bull and eating my lambie waters, boom, one big shower of rain came down.

Still, a bit pissed and now feeling more tired, I tried to make something of the night. We jumped till we got to the Carenage then decided to call it a night. I was so looking forward to the next day because I couldn’t wait any longer to wear my costume.

Carnival Tuesday

Grenada Spicemas 2017

Photo Credit: Arthur Daniel

My makeup for Grenada Spicemas 2017 was done by one of Grenada’s finest Makeup Artist Divya, at the newly opened Evoke studio in Grand Anse. I had a great experience there, the atmosphere was exquisite, the service was professional and the refreshments provided were tasty and welcoming. Being able to get dressed in my costume there made my life easier.

I must say I was fighting with my costume for a bit and was worried about my back piece which I didn’t pick up in advance. But all that shit went out the door once I got myself together, met up with my friends, found the band and my lifesaver Katusha with a pretty ass back piece I was not even expecting. Much big ups to her. She really went an extra mile for my miserable ass, to say the least.

Grenada Spicemas 2017

When I got myself together and was able to look around and view the beautiful cocktails of feathered costumes around me I was in awe for a moment. Omg, the moment was magical, vibrant and filled with different shades and flavors of niceness. Beautiful people surrounded me and I was humbled to be a part of it all. The road was filled with masqueraders and spectators. Cameras everywhere you turned and I had to make sure I got a professional quality type photo from the amazing Arthur Daniel.

Summer Crew band separated at some point with the drinks going one direction and the big Carib truck with the music system going the next. Although I only had 2 rum punches before the separation happened, I went the direction of the Carib Truck because I was intoxicated enough by the good music the Grenadian artistes brought this year.

I have no clue why the separation happened but I stayed where the excitement was. I had a blast taking my last jump up, hugging and dancing with friends from other bands as everyone mingled on the Carenage at the end of the night. Grenada Spicemas 2017 on the road was ah bess experience!

Grenada Spicemas 2017 Selfies with friends

Selfies with friends

Grenada SpiceMas 2017 truly culminated on a satisfying note, with smiles plastered on faces, sounds of laughter floating above the music systems, and the jubilance of myself and the other masqueraders creating unforgettable memories to hopefully keep us satiated until next year.

If you are a carnival lover and you missed Grenada Spicemas 2017 then half your carnival life gone…SERIOUSLY. You missed out, what a shame! But listen, you can right this wrong by planning early. Start by, putting in your vacation days, book your ticket (August dates are opened now), organize your babysitters, shop the end of summer sales to start packing, and plan your itinerary NOW. Look out for Mas Band launches from as early as April 2018 to lock in on your costumes early. Last but not least, make sure you are following me @jesuislaureen and these other handles





for all your Carnival updates. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. Gather your posse, no mind games will be played because we will be top striking straight to August 2018. No sticking, you will not be missing Spice Mas 2k18, right? Let me know in the comments if you will be at Spicemas 2k18!

9 responses to “Grenada Spicemas 2017: The Experience of a Lifetime!”

  1. patricia Williams says:

    Well written. Your description made me feel as if i was literally there.

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow, this event looks wild! I love all the colors, beadwork, and creativity! I am a sucker for a great costume too. Definitely a lot of inspiration here! Makes me look forward to Halloween even more 🙂

    • Laureen says:

      Yesss, I actually thought of dressing up as wonder woman for halloween this year lol. Haven’t gotten dressed up in a long time. Now you’re making me think of it again 🙂

  3. kisha says:

    Thanks for rubbing it in HARD gul! I almost vung meh phone when ah see yuh say half meh life dun! Doh say that gul, ah next one go come! We jamming HARD 2018 God permitting! Yuh mad or wah!

  4. Jodie says:

    Thank you for making me feel like I was apart of this lol. If I didn’t want to go to Grenada before, i’m Definitely sold now. This is basically like a four day carnival and I need this in my life. Such a great read ! Thank you for sharing.

    • Laureen says:

      I’m skipping cause I’m happy to hear this lol. I feel like the Spice Mas recruiter. I want everyone to experience the freedom and festivities :-). Make sure and add it to your bucket list. I so appreciate you for stopping by and leaving your presence.

  5. Sandra says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. Definitely makes me want to go. Can you tell me what j’ouvert band you played with? Thanks!

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