Grenada Northern Escape- Seven (7) sights experienced with Real Grenadian Taxi and Tours.

Northern pop up tour with Real grenadian taxi & tours

There’s something dynamic about experiencing the unspoiled beauty of nature. Discovering Grenada can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling things to do. I had the opportunity to accompany Delon Charles, owner of Real Grenadian Taxi and Tours on a pop-up tour.

We headed to the north side, exploring some familiar and unfamiliar sites. In my opinion, Delon is quite knowledgeable, intriguing, and curious. He undoubtedly made a great tour host.

Seven (7) sights I experienced with the Real Grenadian Taxi and Tours.

1. Pearls Airport– the first constructed airport in Grenada. This site contains the remnants of two Cuban planes destroyed during Grenada’s invasion in 1983. It was one of the US soldiers’ primary target. These relics add a fascinating piece of history that signifies the relationship between Grenada and Cuba.

2. Pearls Beach– lies about 5 minutes away from Pearls airport and right behind “By the Sea” Restaurant. Not a tourist attraction per se, but an awesome spot for chilling and taking in the crashing of waves on the shore. Beautiful for dates and drinks with friends.

3. Renegade Rum factory – wasn’t part of our itinerary, but curiosity steered us to explore this modern rum factory. We were amazed by the production that was taking place. The factory is extensive, which means it would be providing jobs for many people in the area and the country on a whole. The infrastructure was impressive and modern.

5. Breakwater Project – was another unplanned stop. I had no idea what the Breakwater Project meant, but Delon was eager to give me a history tour. This project focused on establishing a haven for boats during the hurricane seasons. Also, protecting the seashore and neighboring properties from the rough Atlantic waters. The intention was to back the water with rocks to construct a protective barrier, which serves to produce more tranquil waters in the area.

4. Bamboo bar – this bar was the subject of a blog written by Kered Clement which won her first place in the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) blog competition. The Bamboo bar branded with the national colors is an Instagram-able tour stop. It’s a stone throw away from a picturesque beach that holds the infamous tire swing. I’ve been in a state of FOMO since pictures of this tire swing surfaced. Consider me ecstatic to finally have my picture taken there.

6. Darvey beach– after asking for directions, we discovered the location of the day’s target spot. Located within St. Patricks, this beach was surprisingly marvelous. It was everyone’s first time visiting and we were all in awe. The maintenance of Darvey beach is up to par. There are restrooms, swings and football nets set up for recreation. It’s ideal for family outings and also fishing.

Across the beach, were some fishermen with nets drawn, waiting to pull in their catch. It was my first time having an up close and personal fishing experience. I was intrigued and content to take home a bag of Jacks from the days catch.

We ventured to the other side of the rocks, where we encountered the ultimate spot for cliff diving. It caused me to think about Ricks Cafe in Jamaica, where people jump off the cliff into the crystal clear water below. The water looked inviting with its low tide, which created the perfect basin for jumpers. We weren’t ambitious enough to dive in. It did become an addition to our bucket lists.

7. Clabony Sulphur spring– This was the last stop on our pop-up tour. What a trek it was to get there, but quite rewarding. The spring is like a private golden pool with the warmest water ever. Sulfur possesses some remarkable and beneficial properties for the skin. It is anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial which makes it great for acne and skin fungus.

Finally, after a long day, the Sulfur spring represented the perfect end to the day. It was the best way to relax and unwind from the days’ activities.

What a full exhilarating experience this pop-up tour was. You can experience this tour and others with the Real Grenadian Taxi and Tours. Reserve them today and explore Grenada in all its beauty and grandeur. Believe me, you wouldn’t regret it. Share your experience with me when you do. I know it would be an incredible story:).

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