Grenada ATV Adventures: Best way to take a ride on the wild side

Grenada ATV- Bucket List Checked

Tripadvisor.com reviews place Grenada ATV Adventures as a top rated adventure tour to be had in 2019. Are you stoked to fill your new year with some fun? Tired of the bland, conservative life? Ready for adventure and some dope experiences? I know you are, don’t lie to yourself. You are prepared to make 2019 a year of “LIVING, LAUGHING and DOING DOPE SHIT”!

Grenada has tons of adventure and experiences that can boost your whole life. Seriously, Grenada ATV is a definite to do on your bucket list. Permit me to advise that it is the best way to take a ride on the wild side. This company gives you the convenience of tackling the off-road, exploring the coastal trails on the southern end of Grenada on an ATV like a BAWSE.

Grenada ATV Adventures

Do What You Love

My mantra for 2019 is #dowhatyoulove and this girl here loves adventure. Therefore, consider me ecstatic to start the new year in control of a four-wheel bad boy exploring the rugged off-road terrain. It was my first time riding one and to say I was thrilled is an understatement. I seriously loved the experience and I know you would too maybe even more than I have. 

Grenada ATV Got Me Hooked

This girl loves speed and being in control; Grenada ATV granted me the freedom to enjoy just that. Your girl was STOKED! At their headquarters in Woburn, the first level of business was reading and signing their waiver. Before jumping on my ATV for the day I received a safety briefing and outfitted with helmet and scarf.

My tour guide introduced himself and proceeded to educate me on how to operate my ATV. It was relatively direct, and I got the hang of maneuvering it in their practice area before leaving for the main road. This was beneficial to bolster confidence and get me extremely excited. To say I was a pro first shot will be a lie but let’s pretend I jumped on and made some serious circles around the play area hahaha.

During the tour, the guides were super knowledgeable, friendly and impressive. Tipping the hell over as I rode uphill on the rugged terrain caused me to worry a bit. But my guide made me feel comfortable and safe knowing that he was close behind in case I needed rescuing. (I was worrying in vain of course because I had absolutely no close calls.)

As I got more and more confident I started to show off a little. The curiosity of how fast these things can go overcame me and I had to answer the call. Riding was challenging but fun and I delighted in it. A perk, for me, was passing through areas in the south side I’d under no circumstances been until then.

For instance, we passed through villages and bumped into other villages through roads I had no clue about. I was able to get gorgeous views of Grenada from the vantage standpoints of Mt. Hartman and another from a back road close to the airport which placed me a stone’s throw away from the plane strip.

We even came across a memorial site for the fallen Cuban workers in Grenada around the time of its invasion in 1983. I was disappointed to be a Grenadian and not know that it existed lol. I swear I was in total awe. I’ve read that it was erected in 2015.

Grenada ATV: Cuban memorial

Above all, the airport view created some serious excitement for me. I thought it was such a chill place for a date or hang out with friends. The thought of seeing a plane land or leave off so close made me think of videos of airplanes passing over people on the beach in St. Maarten. These points are certainly not car accessible. Four-wheeled drives are necessary to get the advantage of these views.

During the ride, the guides, prepared with water and snacks kept us fed and hydrated. We had the opportunity to relax for a bit at The Aquarium Beach Restaurant. There I enjoyed a coffee with the best view one can ask for. What a Paradise! I love Grenada!

The time frame of the tour was on point. We departed at 9:45 am and returned after 1 pm. It wasn’t incredibly lengthy or insufficient. In the end, I was duly satisfied with the overall tour.

So, are you ready to own this EXPERIENCE? Here is some info:

Hope you choose to enjoy life on a different level in 2019 :-). What are some adventures on your bucket list? Share it with me in the comment section. Who knows maybe I can join you in making it happen…how cool will that be? 🙂

Till next time, keep Living, Laughing and growing through all the ins and betweens life offers.

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