Five things to do when feeling Blue

Things to do when feeling blue

Being optimistic, happy, free-spirited, and positive is not permanent feelings. They come and go, more so in some than others. The idea of always being positive about life sounds absolutely terrific. But, the reality is way different. There will be times when you feel down and earth and wonder, what things you can do when you’re feeling blue.

Our emotions are constantly shifting because of outer or inner stimuli. Many factors can and will affect us daily, which conflicts our state of peace. There is a small population of humans (Buddhas for eg.), who can control their mind, body, and soul. But as for most people and me, I know our emotions often are in control.

Five things to do when you’re feeling blue

I am sharing five (5) things, I’ve found helpful to get me out of a slump. I hope at least one would work for you.

1. Reach out to friends
My friends are my greatest resource when I am at a low point. I depend on them to remind me that “this too shall pass,” to make me smile again and to know I am never alone. I don’t believe in clamming up during low periods. In my opinion, the biggest disaster at a low point is feeling alone. Even if it takes all your strength, try and reach out to someone. Whether it means joining an FB support group where you can share with people who understand what you might be going through. FB groups came to my rescue on many occasions, when I felt my friends were completely tired of hearing the same shit. Believe me, it helps.

2. Book a staycation
Always put aside money for self-care. For times when you’d like to disappear for a weekend, getting pampered, lounging by the pool with a book, talking to strangers and sipping a cocktail, or sinking into the comfort of a big ole hotel bed. Taking the step to book this staycation will produce some excitement.
There are a few hotels in Grenada that offer staycations. I will highly recommend True Blue Bay Resort. Their local price is very reasonable and won’t break your budget.

3. Meditation and Journaling
I believe these two go hand in hand. I am always filled with gratitude or ideas after meditating which leads me to grab my journal to write. Whether you practice these two independently or together helps you focus on the present. It takes you away from the worries and overthinking that brought you to your low point in the first place. It provides clarity at times and lowers your heart rate, which in turn can lower stress. 
Terrie-Ann Charles a Grenadian entrepreneur, created a great journal that would not only help you find clarity in low times but inspire and motivate you towards a purpose drive life. Order yours here!

4. Workout
Even if that means just going for a walk. Breathing in the fresh air and sweating out some toxins is good for your body, but it refreshes your mind and soul. When you engage in exercise, your body releases endorphins which triggers a positive feeling in the brain that helps improve your mood and reduce stress. 

5. Connect with Nature
I find this to be very soothing for me personally.  To be more specific, I find being around water is calming. It’s easy to find nature spots in the Caribbean that can help in renewing your energy. Taking a walk along the beach, sitting by a river, hiking through the bushes or just finding a quiet spot beneath the shade of a coconut tree is enough to serve up some gratitude.

Has any of these been helpful in getting you out of a slump? What are some things you do when you’re feeling blue?

Leave it in the comments below so that you can probably help someone else 🙂

Have an awesome weekend guys


2 responses to “Five things to do when feeling Blue”

  1. Kerry Modoo says:

    I hardly connect with friends when feeling blue. I particularly love water and also think it’s soothing and calming. So I’m more leaning towards that idea, along with mediation 😉

    • Laureen says:

      I find most women gravitate from the connect with friends option. I’m trying to understand why? I find it’s a great topic for discussion.

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