Eight (8) awesome reasons why you should Experience a Day Pass

Hey Awesomes, I took a mini blog vacay to focus on some other things and build up the energy necessary to dive back into the blogging world. To tell you the truth I got lazy, felt uninspired and actually asked myself a few times “what’s the point of blogging? Who is reading my stuff?”

Over my carnival vacay in Grenada, I felt totally validated when I bumped into a few people who told me that they read my blog and always use it as their reference for things to do and experience in Grenada. To tell you I was thrilled was an understatement. But, although I was fueled by those positive comments it didn’t send me running back to my laptop to type away at my keyboard. I think I really needed a chance to reevaluate and reset. Let’s keep this between us…( I don’t think any of that really happened hahaha.)

Procrastination has been the cause of many a death in the creative world lol. Today though I just said “You know what Laureen, you are going to post something worthy and it’s gonna get done ASAP. So here I am finally taking my own coaxing to get back in the flow of things again. Thank god for drafts…(I have a ton. This post was one :-).)

Day pass at True Blue Bay Resort

True Blue Bay Resort

Reasons to Experience a Day Pass

One of the things I was excited to write about to share with you on my blog was my Day Pass Experiences. I had the opportunity to treat myself to three (3) day passes in Grenada during some of my visits. I think day passes are like the best thing for locals and travelers on a budget who just need a day to ‘live their best life”.  Here are my Eight (8) reasons why you should book a Day Pass sooner, rather than later:

  1. You get to experience the “tourist life” without the “tourist price”.
  2. It’s a day to indulge in awesomely delicious food and drinks.
  3. You can splash and lounge around the pool all day with no care in the world and libations flowing at your command.
  4. You can participate in most water sport and hotel activities that the hotel provides. A chance to do something you may not have done before eg. Kayak.
  5. You have the option of including a relaxing spa experience at some of the hotels. Totally the best addition to this experience.
  6. If you don’t want to do any of that, you can opt to kick back in a hotel room (extra cost) and sleep undisturbed for the wholeeeee day (Perfection).
  7. You also get to explore the hotel grounds, while pretending you’re royalty as you gain insight into what resort life can be like :-).
  8. This can be any kind of day you want it to be eg. Bae day, girls day, family day or simply a day all for YOU.

Every Hotel has its own culture, you know that thing that makes it stand out from the rest. Example, my Day pass at True Blue Bay showed me that it was a family type oriented hotel who strongly believe in the best environmental practices. My day pass at sandals showed me a lifestyle of LUXE, OMG it was amazing. Coyaba Bay resort, on the other hand, has a down to earth, chill, no fuss vibe that I totally dig.

Sandals La Source Resort

Sandals La Source Resort

I loved each of my Day Pass experiences for different reasons. I can’t wait to have more experiences to share with you guys. As a matter of fact, my eyes are on Petite Anse as my next hotel location. I am really looking forward to seeing if there is a difference in hotels in the city vs the countryside. This might be interesting, don’t you agree?

Till next time my awesomes, have a great one.

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