Dwelling in the unknown: I have to die

Excuse my morbidity but the fact remains that we all have to. Never the less, I cannot help the overwhelming fear that grips me in the most public places when my mind somehow runs on my demise. I fight back tears from embarrassing me and I will my heart to slow down and my breathing to normalize.

I don’t think I would ever get used to the thoughts of the unknown. It’s such an uncomfortable place to dwell in and someday I will have to make peace with it. I keep reminding myself that “this life” as I know it, is all I have. This present moment where my chest rises and falls as the will to live enlarges my lungs in the form of oxygen is what I know.

And so, I need to make the best of it. I need to always remember to be curious, adventurous, take risks, to explore the world I exist in, to create meaningful relationships, to love, to be of service and to not allow my “need to know” to cripple my existence. I have to make peace with the fact that one day I would leave this world that I know and enter the realm of the unknown.

Live your best life, enjoy each day. Laugh your ass off and make life worth living. Have an awesome weekend living your best life.

Peace + Love

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