Did you know? Interview with Wrenroy ‘Blaka Dan’ Ogiste

Blaka Dan

Did you know? Interview with Blaka Dan

Hello Awesomes, our newest feature today in the ‘Did you know?‘ series is none other than the ”loyal side man‘ Blaka Dan.

Blaka Dan’s creativity and storylines have continued to flourish. He is a proven example that one can indeed change *hahaha. Last year he was known as a ‘ horner man’ this year he did a total 180 and reinvented himself into a distinguished ‘sideman’. A loyal one, to note.

His music along with his videos are highly captivating and wonderfully entertaining. Remember the prelude video before his groovy performance at Soca Monarch last year? Hahaha, classic entertainment at its best.

*Interview questions were answered via voice note and transcribed in its raw dialect form to keep the authenticity and personality of the artiste.

Blaka Dan:  What I would say pisses me off more than anything else is disrespect. Yuh know, I think I approach everybody with respect, yuh know with warmth. Nothing pisses me off more than someone seeing that and want to take advantage of that and repay my kindness with disrespect. That does piss me off!


Blaka Dan: One would think that my proudest accomplishment would be winning the crown back in 2013 but it actually isn’t. My proudest accomplishment would be coming back after losing the crown in 2014. It was really hard to come back and stay relevant to this day. It was a task and I did it and that has been my greatest accomplishment.


Blaka Dan: What I enjoy most about being West Indian is, just the fact that I feel special. I am from a place where we stand out, compared to the rest of the world. The vibe, the people, the uniqueness, the love, the constant smiles. Caribbean people and west Indian people just have a vibe that is described as warmth and I am happy to be a part of that. West Indian to the bone. I wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else. Just thinking about it makes me smile.


Blaka Dan: Well my first inspiration for music would always have to go to the most high. Yuh know, he blessed me with a talent to sing music so he is the first source of inspiration. After that, it will be old school soca music. Nothing does it for me than an old Shadow, or an old Sparrow, Crow Crow, yuh know the whole works. Inspector, Ajamu, Rupee…nothing does it for me, than old school music, old school soca music, that’s my greatest source of inspiration. When I listen to it I get inspired.

And, a next big inspiration was/is Blazer Dan. Yuh know, he is the person that inspired me the most where soca music is concerned and made me believe that I can do soca music and want to do soca music. RIP to the late Blazer Dan.


Blaka Dan: The weirdest thing ah find attractive in a person is a hearty spirit. Like, It doesn’t matter how you look, or where you’re from or what you do for a living. Yuh see, once you have that hearty bubbly spirit and you have the ability to make someone smile without even knowing them, that’s the most attractive thing to me. It gets me in a place where I’ll actually speak to you without knowing you and yuh know like bring that atmosphere to environment. That’s the weirdest attractive thing I find in a person. The bubbly-ness *laughs


Blaka Dan: What I love about myself the most is my resilience. The fact that I keep going no matter what obstacle is in my way, no matter what. Anything I set my mind to I get it done. I just love that about myself. I love that I’m not an easy quitter, I keep at it until it’s done.


Blaka Dan: One would say a bad habit of mine would be horning lol, I would beg to differ. I would say meh eating habits. Ah tend to eat and sleep. Ah tend to eat a lot of junk food. Ah tend to eat a lot of fast food and ah tend to enjoy it. *Sigh* I would say that is a bad habit. Yuh know, eating too much junk, and not eating healthy. It’s something I need to get away from and practice more healthy habit. But, that’s my bad habit to date.


Blaka Dan: What I would add to Grenada’s carnival is more fetes leading up to the carnival itself. Not just the typical stage set up where artiste run and perform and then leave. But a whole set up where water, mud, powder, yuh know like things floating about. Yuh know, a different atmosphere from just the typical artiste just come on the stage and everybody watch the stage. Yuh know, a more enjoyable zone for every patron. I don’t think that Grenada has these kinds of set up where fetes are concerned and that I’ll like to add.

What I would take away though are the restrictions. As for now, you know Jab Jab have a lot of restrictions. For Example, we can’t go on the road with serpents anymore, chainsaw, chains etc. Jouvert time has cut as well so what I would take away is the unnecessary restrictions the authorities have put on the culture where jab is concerned.


Blaka Dan: When I’m not the artiste on stage singing or writing music you would find me on the Grand Anse route as a bus operator. You know this keeps me grounded, with the people. This keeps me motivated. So if you happen to be in that area, wait for me *laughs.

Blaka Dan: One of the things people may not know about me is that I’m very observant. I might not say anything and I may not move as though I observe everything but, I really do. And, I move according and I make decisions in my mind and deal with situations without saying anything. That is one thing I think people don’t really know about me; how observant I am.

Thank you for reading! Keep up with Blaka Dan throughout his Spicemas journey this year by following him on IG and FB.

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  1. Rodgeria says:

    Wow…am really touched….I love my soca…so I does follow and rate all d artists that is doing a great job..Blacka Dan every year ur music keeps improving…ur confident keep boosting…keep up d gud wuk.. u got talent…

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