Day Pass: True Blue Bay Resort, Grenada

True Blue Bay Resort

 True Blue Bay

True Blue Bay, the name speaks for itself. Perching nicely in the bay, surrounded by the true blue waters of the Caribbean, lies this resort.The first thing that captivates you on entry is the color scheme. The bright hues of Orange, blue, purple and green creates a happy, warm and welcoming feeling to visitors. I know some thought definitely went into creating this visually appealing appearance because it definitely sets the tone for the kind of experience that can be found there.

True Blue Bay


True Blue Bay Resort located in the south of Grenada, W.I has gotten great reviews from not only prestigious industries but especially from the mainlanders. I asked a few people for suggestions on where I should do my next day pass review and they all pointed me to True Blue Bay; which they claim, offers the best Day Pass for the best price. I was completely sold.

I have patronized Dodgy Dock a few times, which is the bar and restaurant at the resort, while visiting Grenada and I’ve always enjoyed the ambiance. Sitting at the restaurant though, I was never able to get a visual of the expanse of the resort and so it was a welcomed pleasure to explore the entire grounds.

The night before, (which I thought might have been too late) I called and made reservations for myself and my cousin who was joining me. It was going to be our “girls day”. The receptionist gave me all the day pass packages options. I chose the spa package of course. I wanted the full experience of the resort and Blue Haven Spa. Reservation turned out to be a breeze. Let me share my day with you.

True Blue Bay Resort Day Pass Options


The morning we arrived at 9:15 am and was greeted by a pleasant young lady who checked us in and gave us wristbands for the day. We were told that our deep massage will be at 12 pm and water sports will begin at 3 pm. We then headed to the restaurant for breakfast.


It was a quiet day at the resort and I was secretly thrilled. The mood was very mellow, and laid back, just what I needed. It was also a cloudy day but it took nothing away from the enchanting beauty of the surroundings from where I sat.

There were different setup areas for tea/ coffee, and one for local juices. The main area setup held the pastries, bread, and fruits spread alongside the omelet preparation station. There was a chef there ready to take orders for whatever kind of omelet your heart desired.

I indulged a bit, after all, I’m on vacation right? No missed opportunities and that meant savoring the goodness of pastries and cake. The banana bread hit the spot, while the tamarind juice and sour soup nectar which was quite delicious (first time tasting), absolutely opened my appetite. The chef was very gracious and nice to me. After he hooked me up with a tasty veggie omelet, he answered my cry for avocados. I loveeeee avocados, with my eggs especially. I was happy when he got me some. It was my lucky day.

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Our waiter for the day Akim who is also the restaurant supervisor was very friendly, attentive, fun, easy-going and very customer service oriented. He really made sure we stayed happy. He was my part-time photographer for the day as well. This post he happily accepted even though I’m sure I was quite annoying lol. Ask for Akim if you ever visit πŸ˜€. The entire staff that dealt with us that day was very nice and warm. We were definitely treated favorably and felt well taken cared of.

True Blue Bay resort

Photo Shoot before Massage

After breakfast and chit chatting with two sisters I knew since childhood, who I haven’t seen in years; I proceeded to luxuriate in the atmosphere of the resort. The resort has the absolute best backdrop for capturing great pictures. I loved the way my “True Blue” (unplanned) outfit of the day complimented the environment in such a creative, artsy way.

True Blue Bay Resort

True Blue Bay Resort

Blue Haven Spa

Finally, now we’re off for an hour of relaxation. We headed to Blue Haven Spa whose welcome area was inviting and instantly created an ohm feeling. I loved the whole low-key feel of the resort. The atmosphere was one of comfort and homeliness with a sweet top of shy sophistication.

True Blue Bay Resort Day pass

We were greeted and ushered into the massage room where they were two tables laid out perfect for a couples massage which they do offer btw.

True Blue Bay day pass

Our masseuse gave us a chance to undress and get nestled snugly under the covers. The face rest was filled with a mint-like aroma that immediately created a sense of calm and cleared the sinuses. The scent of natural coconut oil filled my nostrils. I was happy to know that it would be the massage oil of choice because it is one of my faves. I enjoyed the way it felt on my skin as the masseuse worked her magic kneading and stroking the length of my back and shoulders. My tension lifted as the music played softly in the background. I was disappointed that I didn’t drift off in sleep. My mind had other plans but at least I was relaxed and consciously enjoying the present moment.  On a scale of 1-10, I would give my massage an 8.5.

Pool Area

At the end of a great massage, we changed into our swimsuits and headed out to find the pool. We were a bit lost as to where the pools were located. While in search we came upon an area with some cool arrows giving direction.

There are two (2) pools available. The Petite Anse infinity pool at the lower end of the resort with views of the sea and of St. George’s University in the backdrop. This pool had the feel of a mini beach minus the waves. The lounge area was nicely shaded by palm trees and creative handmade covers with enough lounge chairs around. It was a perfect day for meditation, reading a good book or simply enjoying the planes as they went by. Watching the planes was totally cool, kids would enjoy this.

Photo credit: True Blue Bay Resort


The other, Bay View pool is located towards the top front of the resort and easily accessible from the hotel front entrance (I had no clue). There is a play set by the pool convenient for kids and other kind friendly activities on the resort. We had both pools to ourselves and of course, made use of the privacy to pose and take pics lol. The only thing missing by the pool area is a bar. There was a shower pipe to wash off by the Bay View Pool. There was also an available restroom area you can freshen up and get changed after all your activities.


Didn’t get the chance to participate in the water sports which included Hobie cats, water bicycles and  kayaks. We did take a stroll down the Marina and passed through the Aquadive shop where we got some scuba diving info for future reference. There were a few boats and dingy’s docked on the jetty. The breeze was cool and a bit high which helped imitate those big fans used for dramatic effects in a photo shoot. Where are the professional photographers when you need them *le sigh*? Sorry, but as you can see, my swimsuit was super cute lol.


Next, it was time for lunch. It was definitely AMAZING and note worthy. Our main dish took a little while to come. When it did though, it made up for the wait. For lunch, I order a creamy, scrumptious, Pumpkin soup for starters, served with some delicious rolls. There is just something about bread that is so satisfying and comforting. As much as I don’t eat it in my everyday life I couldn’t help requesting some more. It was THAT GOOD.

I was skeptical but intrigued by what I was about to try for lunch. It was the Callaloo Penne with the local catch of the day. OMG I like callaloo, I like pasta and I like cheese, so tell me why I wasn’t expecting this combination to blow me away. That is exactly what happened, I was blown away by how amazing my food was. I was in happy land and totally satisfied. You have to try it whenever you visit. I promise you would not be disappointed.

My cousin started with a Caesar salad topped with grilled chicken breast. Her main dish was the catch of the day, grilled, with rice & peas and veggies. It looked and tasted amazing as well. We were both happy with our choices and quite satiated.

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Drinks & Dessert

So, the drinks were totally on point. I felt like I got my money’s worth. We had an array of drinks; from rum punch, to sex on the beach, to what Grenadian’s call “Flanka”, to a nice cup of coffee to mellow things out. Or, should I say to help dilute the tasty alcohol. After all those drinks and food, I still managed to throw back a heavenly slice of red velvet cheesecake. I am telling  you, this place has everything your heart desires.
True Blue Bay day pass


At the end of the day, I cannot say I was at all disappointed with anything. Well actually, I was disappointed that there were no towels available but that was my fault because I didn’t ask nor check out the website before hand. So please note if you are not getting a room for the day and you are not purchasing the “Deluxe Day Pass” walk with your own towels.

This Day Pass is great for birthday gathering, girl’s day, guy’s day, couples day, family day, spa day, you name it. Prepare for total relaxation and full permission to be laid back without a care in the world. My advice, don’t go to lunch on a hungry stomach. Go before you’re really hungry just in case your entrΓ©e takes some time. If you’re a drinker make sure and get your drinks before heading to the pool areas because there is only one main bar and it is not very close. Other than that, prepare to have a blast at the gorgeous True Blue Bay Resort.

Visit their Website for more info, here.

Have you ever done a day pass at True Blue Bay? What did you enjoy most? Let me know in the comment section.

+Love and Light Always


14 responses to “Day Pass: True Blue Bay Resort, Grenada”

  1. Kizzy Rennie says:

    Your outfits are banging in this post. I really have to try a day pass before the end of the year!!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful review of our resort! We hope you can join us again soon. We will pass on your wonderful report to our staff and managers so they can see how much you appreciated all that they did.

  3. Kish Pascall says:

    The food looks delicious and the atmosphere relaxing as stated. Hopefully before the year is over I can experience this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. grace rapier says:

    We enjoyed everything about the Day Pass except for the lack of a bar at the pools. Having to go back and forth to the bar to ‘top up’ drinks takes away from experience but would not prevent me from going again.

    • Laureen says:

      Yessss, that is the only issue I can see.They probably should have a waiter or two going around to take drink orders from people. That might work. I didn’t get the chance to truly revel in some cocktails until lunch time. But, I had them coming hahaha. The bartender was great with his mixes. Glad you enjoyed your time there as well.

  5. tailoredbyterrieann says:

    I did day passes before but not at True Blue Bay Resort, but my Hubby and I love it there. I will definitely be doing one soon. Great post. You look lovely

    • Laureen says:

      The ambiance is really nice, and the fact that it’s great for families as well is an extra plus. Your daughter would enjoy it πŸ™‚

  6. My stay at True Blue was really good. I had a great time. The management and staff are so pleasant and seem to genuinely care about the well being of their guests.

  7. AmarnaniXO says:

    Awesome post Laureen! I’ve stayed with them for a weekend as well. It’s a great time. Lovely pics πŸ™‚

    • Laureen says:

      I feel like i’m just seeing this *sorry*. Thank you :-). I would love the opportunity to spend a weekend there, it seems so peaceful and serene.

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