Day Pass: Coyaba Beach Resort, Grenada

Hey Awesomes, I got the opportunity to do a spontaneous Day Pass at Coyaba Beach Resort in Grenada earlier this year and I wanted to share it with you.

It all started when I planned to grab breakfast with my cousins before I ran off and handle some business. They were doing a day pass as a birthday celebration. I had no intentions of spending the day but all that changed on entering Coyaba Beach Resort.

After a full spread breakfast, I couldn’t tear myself away from having a day to just lay back and relax. So boom, I decided to change my day plans up a bit so I can join in the fun.

Coyaba Beach

Coyaba Beach Resort

I’ve never been to Coyaba Beach Resort before, and I had no clue what to expect. I am a nature freak and my first impression of the environment was how well kept the grounds and garden landscape were. It was like a little oasis with arms widespread and inviting. The scenery is simply picturesque. I appreciated the island vibe of palm trees, local flowers and just the laid-back comfort that only island life can deliver. The environment is picturesque and postcard-ready. The greenery is overwhelmingly beautiful and soothing. Instantly you get a relaxing feel in the quietness of the resort. It was not a busy day there so it felt like we had it all to ourselves. Awesome, right?


Since breakfast was my reason for me being at Coyaba I’m going to fill you in on my experience. If you are only there for breakfast it is offered at $60 EC per person. I must say that it is totally worth it. When I walked into the restaurant my family was already seated and even ordered for me. I was shocked to see the amount of food that was on the table. There were different kinds of bread, bagels, croissants, fruits, cakes, fish cakes, plus our plated spread of bacon, sausages, omelet, baked beans, roasted potatoes, and yummy fried plantain. I was in food heaven and totally impressed. We had different juice options, my needed coffee, and tea options. It was definitely a good start to our day.

Day Pass rundown

Although we had a late start (we got there after 10) the Staff at Coyaba Beach Resort was very accommodating. This was quite nice because a Day pass begins at 9 am (finishes at 6pm) with breakfast finishing at 10 am. After breakfast, we headed to the front desk to pay and get ourselves situated. We purchase a pass with a day room included.

Here are the details for a Day Pass:

Coyaba price list

This Rate includes:

Breakfast (served until 10:00am)
Lunch (served 12:30 – 2:00 pm)
Afternoon Tea (served 4:00 – 5:00pm)
Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages
Complimentary use of our non-motorized watersports equipment

I conducted no research beforehand and so I had no information on the Day Pass offered at Coyaba. We were attended on by a new front desk person who didn’t communicate to us some necessary information which would have enhanced our experience. We were understanding and easy going about the situation but I would disclose all the information you need to know so you would know what’s up.

Like the above details show, lunch is served from 12:30-2pm. There are two restaurants, one poolside and the general restaurant. The poolside restaurant serves a buffet style lunch until 3 pm. We were unaware of this and so got to the restaurant when all the food was already put away. Talk about disappointment! This felt like, heading home after a long tiring day of workknowing you have a slice of strawberry cheesecake in the fridge that you can’t wait to devour. Only to get home and find it missingBRUH.

Thank God the restaurant staff came to the rescue and went to fix us some plates. The gesture was kind even though we weren’t completely thrilled because we didn’t get the opportunity to choose what we wanted. Our desserts boosted our spirits a bit because it was so so good. I enjoyed strawberry ice cream which was smooth and creamy with a banana and chocolate chip cake; heavenly! The birthday girl also got some yummy birthday cake and wine.

Our Room at Coyaba Beach Resort

The room we got was nice and clean with a sparkling white bathroom and two full-size beds. I appreciated the local art on the walls done by Susan Maines. I thought that was a delightful touch and a considerable support for Grenadian artists. I didn’t get to see how good the bed felt but it looked super soft and cozy just the way I would have liked it.

I loved the patio because waking up to a beautiful poolside + beach view and a cup of coffee is PRICELESS in my book. The skies were clear and pretty with fluffy clouds floating effortlessly that day enhancing the picturesque scene before me.

It’s bizarre that after kayaking we spent most of the evening in the room. After all, showering, changing outfits, and reapplying makeup take a bunch of time haha. Our room was big enough to handle the antics of four adults and a child quite comfortably.



Coyaba offers Kayaking as one of their non-motorized watersport which can be done with a Day Pass. The guys working there were totally cool and helpful. We signed our lives away lol (waivers), grabbed our lifejackets and headed to the sea. I took a single Kayak because I‘ve kayaked before and my cousins went together on a double Kayak. It was a fun and freeing experience that any age group can enjoy.

Coyaba Beach Resort Pool

I can’t say we used the big, beautiful pool for its rightful purpose lol. It was the backdrop of our photoshoot session (hands on face) lol. I can’t remember even getting wet, what a waste of a nice pool lol. I guess the fact that I jumped in the water after kayaking and took a swim on the beach count for my water activities for the day lol. 

There is a pool bar, which I found quite convenient for pool loungers. We enjoyed some unquestionably good cocktails (not included in day pass) as we lounged under shaded chairs. 

Coyaba poolside


The end to a great day at Coyaba Beach Resort

We wrapped up the day by getting some burgers and sandwiches to go. As we waited, out of nowhere a massive cloud of smoke came down upon us. After freaking out thinking there was a fire we saw a worker smoking out the mosquitoes. I honestly was upset because I think there should have been a warning or something. I wasn’t certain if it was safe to breathe. I think I held my breath as a rushed to a clear area lol. Lord, I could be dramatic but I wasn’t about to be inhaling whatever that was loling. 

All in all the day was fantastic, and I would return in a heartbeat. Coyaba is perfect for a day out with Bae. Y’all seriously reserve a room with your Day Pass and live it up hahaha. Thank me later :-).

Share your Day Pass experience in the comments section. Let me hear what undoubtedly made it great or not great for you.

Till next time, keep exploringexperiencing and living your best life :).

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