Blue Sky Tag: A Blogging Challenge

Blue Sky Challenge

Hello, my awesome ones, I was nominated by the lovely Lyndel of Island Girl on a Mission for the Blue Sky Tag, challenge. This post is wayyyyy overdue (hides face) but it is my first blog nomination and I’m totally excited about it.

Thank you for nominating me Lyndel, you’re such a lovely person whose blog I enjoy reading. You’re very inspirational and your resilience these past weeks after weathering the wrath of Hurricane Maria on your homeland is encouraging *hugs*.

This challenge is basically a, “get to know me” series of questions. It will definitely give some insights to help you get to know me more ..yay.

The rules for this challenge are as follows:

Here goes..

1.What are your 4 daily must-have items and why?

My phone: My phone is like my connection to the world. It’s sad how attached I am to it.

Breakfast: I can do without any other meal except breakfast. Starting my day right is very important to me. Normally when I have a good breakfast I don’t need much else during the day.

Water: I must have my water. When I don’t have the recommended daily amount (half my body weight in ounces) my body gets cranky.

Tea:  I love coffee but I am trying to cut down on my intake so I opt for tea during the week. I enjoy trying different flavors; my recent fav is hibiscus, so delish.

2. If you could choose to either feel no fear or no pain for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

I am an annoyingly fearful person. It gets me sick the way I allow fear to control me. I haven’t reached my full potential due to fear and I know that many people not only myself have this issue. So, I would definitely choose to feel no fear. I can always breathe through pain :-).

3. What is your most important goal for this year?

My most important goal for the year has been self-love. Realizing how important this is to my overall life makes it something I work on daily.

4. How do you use your blog to inspire others?

I would hope my transparency and authentic nature inspire others. I try to show people via my blog that I’m not different from them and that they too can be curious about this life and its offerings. My goal is to inspire others to not merely exist but to live, explore, thrive and just be.

5. If you knew that you were going to leave your country and never return again, what would you spend today doing? And with whom would you spend it?

I would refer this to Grenada (home Country)- Today, I would be indulging in a day pass at a hotel, getting a massage, lounging by the pool, drink in hand or taking a splash in the Caribbean sea. I would spend it with someone who loves me, appreciates my being and makes me LMAO.

6.What is the thing you value the most?

I am learning to value myself the most. Being a selfless person has its ups but I now realize that it’s ok to be selfish and put me first. Valuing me, makes it easier to value some important things in my life, like my loved ones.

7. If you could choose to master one skill, what would it be and why?

Public speaking, I swear it’s the hardest thing anyone can ask me to do. For someone who is so creative and has all these ideas, inspiration and love for people, it would make my life easier if I just get over myself lol.

8. Have you ever been to a Caribbean island? Which one? What was the best part of your experience?

I have visited Caribbean countries other than my own, Grenada, but was way too young to have the experience that I can have now. So until then, I would have to stick with Grenada. The best part of my experiences there is simply exploring the island and appreciating what is. It’s truly a paradise that I took for granted when I was younger. I feel like my eyes now see things differently and my experiences living in a big country makes me fall in love with the simplistic life that Grenada offers even more.

9. If you have not yet visited a Caribbean island which one would you most likely visit if you have the opportunity to and why?

St. Lucia, I’m not sure why but I think it’s a great place to explore. The Piton Mountains draw me in and although I don’t think I’ll be hiking it, being close will be sufficient. I would love to get in on some of the adventures waiting there for me to explore.

10. What is your favorite thing to do with others (party, counsel, volunteer, travel, worship etc.)? Why?

I love social connections. I live for it, can’t do without it. Any opportunity that allows for socializing is highly welcomed.

11. What would you like to say to other bloggers to encourage them if ever they get discouraged to write?

I think we all get uninspired and discouraged at times. Know that it’s ok to take a break. Truth is, if blogging is something you love, you’ll always find your way back.

My 11 Nominees are…*drum roll plz

1. Islepreneur

2. Simplykimtastic

3. Islesofbite

4. BakesandPaleau

5. Thefablifestory

6. Lemonsandlluggage

7. Citrusandsun

8. Grenadasouladventurer

9. Oflightandlaughter

10. Amarnani.xo

11. SydneyMaigon

Nominees Questions are as follows:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What are you most passionate about?
  3. What’s the best book you’ve read?
  4. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
  5. What is one item on your bucket list?
  6. Who is your biggest supporter?
  7. What is your favorite past time?
  8. What’s your favorite food?
  9. List 3 things you are grateful for?
  10. What’s one lesson you’ve learnt in 2017?
  11. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from blogging?

Looking forward to reading your answers.

Peace & Love <3,




2 responses to “Blue Sky Tag: A Blogging Challenge”

  1. Thanks for the nomination Hun. Will get to it soon! 💙

  2. Annisha says:

    This though… “Truth is, if blogging is something you love, you’ll always find your way back.” #truth!

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