Did you know? Interview with Blaze Francis

Interview with Blaze Francis

Hey guys, in this second installment of  “Did you know? Artistes series”, we are featuring Blaze Francis. Did you know, in a few days Blaze will be celebrating his 30th birthday? Wooo Hoooo (insert champagne, balloons & birthday cake), let’s start the party early.

Blaze hails from Requin aka Sugar Hole in St. Davids. Last year was a great year for him musically. His hit “King” was just that, a total hit which made him more popular on the main stream. He had people asking “way de lime day” with this feel good song.

This year Blaze dropped some more feel good tunes. My two faves are “Feel it” and “mass on the road” which he may be singing for Groovy Monarch.


*Interview questions were answered via voice note and transcribed in its raw dialect form to keep the authenticity and personality of the artiste.

Blaze: What pisses me off *sigh* to be real honest, is to see grown men, yuh understand what am saying; molesting children. That really pisses me off. Molesters, I don’t agree with dem thing and dem.

Blaze: One thing on my bucket list is to create more hits, to give the entire world more beautiful music to love even more because VIA (Versatile, Intensive, Actions) we say yuh know.

Blaze: The FREEDOM! I find when yuh living in the West Indies, living wise you’re more free than any other place you can live in the world. I’ve travelled… i’ve been to the Virgin Islands, i’ve been to Florida, yuh know, i’ve been around. To be honest the West Indies is by far the best i’ve ever been.

Blaze: I have to give it to my wife and kids yuh understand wha am saying. When I just leave the studio and ah reach at home, that be my first audience right there. Second and foremost, not least is my fans, big up to the fans of VIA. If it wasn’t for the fans I wouldn’t of been where I am right now.

Blaze: Well, how ah was in High School ah mean that was so long I eh go really remember exactly. But, for me remembering, ah use to give a lot of trouble. Like, Ah mean ah never go out and pick trouble yuh know but when trouble come to me I would deal with it in my own way then, ah should say. So ah was kinda, lil unstable still, yuh know but ah dey still …(laughs).

Blaze: Well If I’m not in the studio, if I’m not performing no way, I’m a businessman, I’m also a hustler. So, what I do, I mean ah make up my own little stuff. Ah sell something call Samosa, sandwich, yuh know lil dollar juice and thing. Am ah hustler so and if yuh doh catch me doing that ah dey on bus, working bus (laughs). Ah dey all over de place. Ya man ah hustling in ah positive way.

Blaze: Well for me personally I find the Jouvert in Grenada should be a little bit longer. And um, as far as the whole holiday carnival season Vibes ah fine 2 days is not really enough. Because, after carnival Monday and Tuesday everything is back to normal for the Wednesday. So ah find dey should just let the whole week, like yuh know yuh vibes up for the whole week and then yuh come back to work fresh on a Monday. That what I would add to Grenada’s carnival. What I would subtract… Ah find the two white shows doh really make sense going down yuh know two ah dem going down at the same time. They should at least take out one and let the next thing be Panorama. Because, Panorama is a very important thing into the carnival also.

Blaze: My favorite liquor to be honest is, lemme see boy…ha, Clarks Court. Ah have to go with Clarks Court boy. Ah is ah man ah like meh Clarky, its meh favorite liquor.

Blaze: As funny as it sound, I’m not really a lover of Carib nor Stag. But, if ah have to go in a show I’ll drink a Carib…ah dunno why am not a lover of it but ah does catch myself drinking more of Mackeson. Yuh know, something more heavily than the Carib or Stag but I’ll more go for the carib.

Blaze: Hmmm, where should I start? First of all I am an entrepreneur. Singing is not the only business. When ah say business that’s not the only hustle I do. Cause ah mean, ah have singing as a hustle also. I also have a business head to the point that I come up with different businesses and then once I realize it’s working I go towards it and make things happen. Yea, that’s the kinda person I am.

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