Have we become, Emotionally Detached?

On 12/30/16, approximately one hour before this pic was taken a gentleman took his last breath. As I stood there staring at the scene, acknowledgment of how life can change in the blink of an eye, hit me. Not only can it change in the blink of an eye; the fact that life goes on regardless presented itself and sent chills up my spine. There he laid dead whilst curious onlookers like myself tried to fetch information on what really happen and who he might be.

I stood there wondering, what was his last thoughts, how was he feeling, did he sensed his end and did he lived a happy life? Even if I knew he was no longer in the land of the living I was worried for him and his family. How would they deal with the news of his death? He didn’t even get a chance to welcome 2017. I wondered if that moment caused a shift in the universe. If this scenario touched or caused a change in the lives of any of the spectators, including myself. I wondered if this would have made them squeeze their loved ones tighter that night thinking of the fact that not just tomorrow but each minute is not promised. Then I walked away and life went back to the usual.

I forgot as I’m sure many other people did. I forgot until today looking at this pic and reminiscing about the moment. I realized how emotionally detached we have become as a society. I can’t figure out if it’s a sort of coping mechanism that protects us from breaking down. Is it our way of staying strong and facing life with a brave face? Are we so accustomed to disasters, deaths, etc that we are immune to its effects? That we can so easily walk away unphased and back to the normal flow of things before the brief interruption that tried to tap into our emotions, forcing us to “feel” if only for a few minutes. Forcing the reality that this could have been me!

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  1. Madoda says:

    Yeah I’ve also realised that. The new generations is so detached from reality from that human connection. That it seems when a life is lost in whatever tragic situation. It seems their lack of sadness,remorse and that human feeling that makes us humans is lacking.i can only hope maybe not in my lifetime that a change will come.

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