And so…..My Healthy Lifestyle Continues


I commenced my healthy lifestyle expedition in January 2011 and now, four years later I can say that it has been an intriguing evolution. I look back at my semi-unconscious journey with awe, joy and self-appreciation cause ”I DID THAT” and I am still “DOING THAT”. I gave myself a chance to reflect, appreciate, celebrate and plan. Every year introduced a different perspective, goal, adventure, way of thinking, health ideas, and new paths to try since I started. Finding what worked for me was instrumental in accomplishing my goals. Although the basic foundation for fitness is the same across the board finding that certain ‘thing’ that works for you is important.

My decision to become more aware of my overall health led me to structure a lifestyle that was beneficial to me. At first, it wasn’t about losing weight but more about changing old bad habits and introducing new good ones. I am happy with the way my body has been responding. These are some things I did that you can do as well.

Be in the NOW..Prospect park

I got musclessss- hard work shows

  • Purchase a Gym membership, LivingSocial and Groupon fitness deals.
  • Introduce yourself to new experiences eg. yoga, kickboxing, boot camps, TRX, strength training aerobics, dance fitness, Zumba, spinning and any group exercise you can find.
  • Become more active. Use every opportunity to walk or climb stairs.
  • Work through your excuses and laziness when they show their faces.
  • Listen to your body. Take time to rest.
  • Avoid eating after 8 pm or too late.
  • Keep your body hydrated at all times.
These are just some foundation things to help you jump start weight loss and put you on the right path to a more healthy lifestyle. Give everything a chance and find what works for you. Maybe the gym might not be your thing, but you might enjoy group exercises etc. By trying different things you open yourself to options that can help in achieving what you want.

Everyone needs to give themselves opportunities to experience different things in life.

(Tip- Do not go on a “diet”, instead consciously change your lifestyle)

Today, celebrate my accomplishments with me as I encourage and celebrate with you as you take steps to walk the path of good health. Please feel free to reach out if you need someone to motivate and support you as you take strides to bettering yourself.

My advice for all is to value your temple, treat it right, feed it right. Your health is your wealth. Stop making excuses. Get up and start moving. Keep your heart pumping.
Invest in you and your life cause you only get ONE.  




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And so…..My Healthy Lifestyle Continues

  1. I like this,very informative

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  3. Diamond says:

    Thank you, glad I was able to accomplish that.

  4. Very nice Laureen! I'm certainly trying my best to join you on that!

  5. Diamond says:

    Way to go girl, you can do it.

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