Amazing, Tasty Lychee Martini at 3 approved Brooklyn Location

©️Pixelated Crumb

©️Pixelated Crumb

Lychee-licous Thursday

It’s the day before the weekend begins and for me it means cocktails and fun. I love my coffee but I also enjoy leisurely sipping on some sizzirp and eating well at a cool bar/restaurant. If you are a fan of cocktails and Thai food then you must loveeeee a lychee martini. This martini is like goodness/happiness in a glass.

My first sip of this cocktail three years ago was love at first sip. I have been hooked ever since. The light, sweet taste mixed with a hint of lime mingles delectably on the tongue, exciting the taste buds. The icing on the cake is eating the lychee fruit. Talk about fireworks OMG, delicious. This is the type of drink that goes down smoothly and quickly. You may not even recognize that you’re on drink number three in less than an hour. It will leave you thinking nothing of your gluttony until it’s effects start creeping up on you, anonymously. The buzz makes you silly happy and if you haven’t tried it before then you need to.

Lychee Martini cheers

Cheers to the weekend

Here are Three (3) places in Brooklyn serving the best Lychee martini mix:

1. Born Thai – 293 Flatbush Ave. $$ (Between Prospect Pl and St. Mark’s Ave). My girlfriend introduced me to this spot three summers again. We met for a late lunch and were happy to be seated in their backyard. Our waiter was the best, extremely personable and friendly. Who does not like a good happy hour? Martini’s were $9 that day and for some reason both our eyes landed on the Lychee Martini. It was our first time and about 3 drinks later we were hooked. The bartender is incredibly talented and his mixes remain constantly awesome.

2. Lemongrass Grill– 156 Court Street $$ (Downtown Brooklyn). I randomly decided to have lunch at this restaurant one day because of its cheap lunch menu. I had no intentions of having any drinks but it so happened, I had no cash and my bill was less than $10 and they only accepted cards over $12. I asked for the menu to order a dessert or something to increase my bill, but I saw Lychee Martini on the menu and I didn’t care that it wasn’t 5pm yet. Like the saying goes, “its already 5pm somewhere”, lol. I ordered my martini, which was about $12, and I was delighted with the taste.

3. Spice Thai– 193 Smith Street Brooklyn $$ (Cobble Hill). My fellow Lychee lover and I had Galantine’s dinner at Spice Thai. For some reason, whenever we meet up its mostly at a Thai restaurant. As we peruse the drinks menu ding ding ding Lychee martini. I don’t think we even had it on our minds but it surely presented itself to our liking. They say, ask for what you want and what I did not want that night was a small martini glass. I wanted a big girl cup and guess what, it paid to ask because I certainly got a tall glass of Lychee. Happy customer. This mixture was awesome, a little stronger and on an empty stomach it went straight to the head lol. I couldn’t wait to get my meal to balance the buzz.

If you have any favorite places to have Lychee martini in Brooklyn, please leave a comment below so I can add to my list.

Cheers to the weekend…Happy Drinking!


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  1. Kizzy Rennie says:

    I am geniunely in love this fruit and the juice but I’ve never had a cocktail. Didn’t even know it existed. Wonder if I would be lucky enough to find one here?

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