About Me

Hey, welcome to my little space on the internet.

I am Laureen and island girl living in the Big Apple #spiceapple. I consider myself a creative soul on a self-discovery journey like most humans. I have no clue about my destination but I am here thriving through my highs and lows. Fear has been a major component in my life and it is something I am working through bit by bit. I am Learning lessons through my “failures” while celebrating small successes. Most importantly, this journey surrounds me learning to love myself wholly and unconditionally through all the ins and betweens #selfloveproject.

I know that I am not alone on this journey and my hope is to inspire, motivate, provide humor, entertainment, info, and epic reviews via my blog. On Je suis Laureen, I share my love for my homeland Grenada, from a local tourist POV, hoping to inspire travels from non-Grenadians and to keep Grenadians local and abroad abreast with all the ins and betweens. I love EXPERIENCES of all sorts. I am an adventure junky, I like the bush hahaha. Nature rejuvenates me. Those experiences I love sharing with you.

You can find a little bit of most things here. After all, life isn’t just black and white :-). I hope you enjoy reading and if you aren’t following me on IG head over and follow @jesuislaureen. You can send me an email or slide through my DM’s with any questions, concerns or if you just wanna chat. I am quite the people loving type.

Make the best of this one life…come along, let’s LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE together.



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