About Me

Welcome to Je Suis Laureen

I am Laureen; a creative soul on a journey to become healthy, well traveled and free spirited. If you’re on a discovery journey of your own you’ll feel right at home here. I started this blog as a personal online journal inspired by a choice to lose weight, become more health conscious and feel better about myself overall. I was very protective of the blog and kept it private because I didn’t want to be judged. I was afraid of sharing it with the public until the day I realized that I am not alone. I am not the only one searching for my identity or place in this world nor am I the only one unhappy about how I looked and feel about myself. Sharing my journey, focused on health/fitness, travel, adventures of all kinds, my love of food/ restaurants, hotel day passes and inspiration, creates a community for adventurists like you, to support, learn, share experiences and grow together. As I Spread my wings, face my fears and challenge myself to live free, I would like for you to do the same. I enjoy writing and I’m super excited to share my growth and life’s adventures with you.

I am an island girl, a native of GRENADA and resident of NYC. What a huge contrast 😀 coming from such a small island to a big city. I adore being one with nature; it’s my peace. A day at the beach is especially my favorite. I enjoy eating out, don’t you? I also enjoy cooking and experimenting with healthy recipes. I am very health conscious and presently trying to live the alkaline lifestyle. I would share this with you. Sometimes I fall short but this is where we can encourage and motivate each other. Please join me and subscribe so we can do this together…..Live, Laugh, Love.