Trinidad carnival 2017: My 7 interesting observation

Women in costumes, Trinidad carnival

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Trinidad Carnival: Bling, Body & Bachannal

Ash Wednesday come, Carnival done, the bacchanal done but we jamming still. I have never experienced Trinidad Carnival before but like many of you, it is on my bucket list. It’s one of the carnivals that is looked forward to every year. These are my observations from the sidelines.

My Observations:

  1. Moreee Details, Less Feathers- BLING BLING BLING. I Love to see feathered costumes but I’ve never been interested in having all that feathers on me. A nice shoulder piece, small headpiece or hand piece is ok. I want to wine freely without any holdbacks. The costumes this year was well in line with that. They would be perfect for me. Even those costumes with lots of feathers the details on the bra and panty totally stood out bigly dwl. I saw some of the costumes at night and the shimmer that reflected off the light was so gorgeous.
  2. Nude Fish Net Stockings – seemed like the new trend because everyone was wearing it. It actually looked great and gave a natural touch. In comparison to skin tone stockings I’m a fan of this look best.
  3. Monday Wear– Its been there for a while but it is “The thing” right now. The chance to showcase your own creativity by designing a piece just for you is really cool. The Monday wear this year was very creative and again lots of bling and details.
  4. Wire Bra– If you don’t wear a wire bra for carnival yuh not in business. More people played in wire bras this year, so i’m thinking in the next year or two bras might be obsolete.
  5. Get A Surgeon NOW………jk, jk– But lord the bodies were on fleek, breast and bam bam on point. Look chubble nah they making it hard for people like me without assets haha. No joke the ladies looked damn good. If ah was ah man in that carnival ah would have been confused. Ah whining on all bumpas. I’m sure that happened in real life with the men.
  6. High Cut Panty/ Semi-Thongs-ah doh know de name but ah see it a lot. Those panties was cut real serious for true. I dunno if I could pull it off.
  7. Last But Not Least-I’ve learned to continue jamming no matter the situation life throws us.

In conclusion, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these observations at a carnival near you.

I wanna hear what you think!

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