Self Love Project: 28 amazing days of simple self care

Self Love Project

February is known as the month of love and the theme of self-love is relevant. Hence the reason I am dedicating its 28 days to my first love, ME :-). Je suis love. Je suis loving. Je suis lovable. I am Love. I am loving. I am lovable. This month will be the one I really document my self-love project journey. I have come a long way where self-love is concerned. I am about 60% there and quite proud of how far I’ve come. There is a lot more work to do and I am committed to bettering me for me in 2017.

I have been quite lax the past few months where my lifestyle is concerned. After staying away from meat for close to a year, I gave in and had that Christmas ham. Not that I am trying to justify my actions but I decided that in life moderation is necessary. You must find balance in everything that you do. This is why I don’t like the idea of diets because it just sounds too restrictive to me. I prefer to create a lifestyle that works for my body, my mind and me.

My freedom is over and focus on self-love is here. I’m back to losing the weight I gained, getting my heart rate up, eating healthier, taking care of my face (acne and black spot issues), and nursing my hair back to health and length. I jump-started this project by cleaning my intestines with some laxatives. Was that TMI? hahaha. I weighed in at 150.5 lbs. yesterday 2/2/17. The goal for the end of 28 days is 145 lbs.

Scale showing weight

Day 1 & Day 2

I always planned on restarting my healthy lifestyle February 1st. I wasn’t about to make any resolutions Jan 1st that I knew I wasn’t going to keep. Especially since I planned on murdering as much black cake as I possibly can. You see, I gave myself till end of January to finish my mom and auntie’s black cake they made for me. OMG, my aunt beat back my mom this year in making black cake hands down. Anyways, back to the matter at hand. What I didn’t have planned was the idea of making this a 28 day self-love/care project. This idea fell right in line with one of my blog’s purpose, which is developing more self-love. After all Self-love begins with self. The past few days I was not fully prepared food wise but here is an example of what I plan for my daily meals to look like:

Breakfast Options: Spinach and Mushroom Omelette with whole grain crackers/ Quinoa Porridge with cinnamon and bananas/ Green juice- Green apple, celery, cucumber, kale, ginger, lemon (juicer or blender)/ Smoothie/ Kamut cereal with almond milk and Agave.
Coffee (Its the one thing I love that I try to moderate but will NOT cut out)/Herbal or spice teas/coconut water.

Spinach and Mushroom Omelette

Spinach and Mushroom Omelette

Quinoa porridge with bananas and cranberries

Quinoa Porridge

Snack Options: Walnuts/almonds/celery & almond butter (addicted)/ fruit/ cherry tomatoes/ carrot sticks.Water/coconut water.

Yummy Smoothie perfect self-love drink

Mango, Berry Smoothie

Lunch Options: Smoothie/ salad- chickpea, spinach, beet, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potato, quinoa etc. / Crackers & almond butter/ Juice-beet, carrot, ginger, apple/ sailfish souse and Green fig with coconut oil.
Water/Coconut Water

Dinner Options: Wild rice/ cous cous/ sweet potato/ quinoa/ salmon/ veggies/ salad
Water/ Coconut Water/ Tea
Substitute vegetable/canola oil with- olive/ avocado/ grape seed/coconut oil.

*****************SPRINKLE AVOCADO ON EVERYTHING POSSIBLE*******************

Exercise: I planned to take a yoga class yesterday morning but decided instead to stay home and do a 20 minute yoga exercise by Malaika Brooke-Smith-Lowe a fellow Grenadian Blogger, yoga teacher, artist and community activist just to name a few. You can see the yoga exercise video I did, here. It was a great video for beginners and intermediate yoga lovers. I found her voice very calm and her aura warm, which made my body and breath, relaxed.

My goal is to get to the gym at least 4 times a week. Would running for the train today constitute for 10 mins on the thread mill lol? I must say it had my heart rate going. I have not found a free yoga class near me and since I am on a budget, I will commit to one (sliding fee) class a week for the next 4 weeks. Exercising around the house with Youtube as my friend will be included.

youtube yoga with Malaika

Yoga with Malaika

Self-Love Skin Care Routine:

I have a basic wash and moisturize daily routine for my dry skin. At nights I use Ambi cream, which my dermatologist prescribed to help lighten my dark spots (I keep forgetting to use it and so I haven’t really seen a difference lol). I wanted to see how I could better my skincare routine since I am acne prone so I jumped onto Divya Amarnani’s Skincare and beauty blog to see if she had some tips to offer.

Divya is a Grenadian blogger whose focus is on skincare and make up. She has been dealing with acne issues like myself and she has found a daily routine that’s helpful. This is my reason for checking out her blog for some info. My daytime routine matched up to hers but my night routine was lacking some extra steps. At nights, I am now going to add exfoliation and some coconut oil to my routine so lets see how this goes for the next few weeks. You can check out Divya’s daytime skincare routine and nighttime skincare routine.

self love Clear, bright skin after exfoliating

Do you see how renewed my face looks after exfoliation? Ignore the overuse of coconut oil hahaha. Thankful for Divya’s tip.

Self-Love Hair Care Routine:

I am the lazy chic when it comes to hair. The patience needed is low, but I am challenging myself to find a routine that works for my hair and me. I normally do the LOC method and my go to products are from Shea Moisturizer. Black Jamaican Castor Oil is a staple in the natural hair game. Most people rave about coconut oil but for some reason I am not a huge fan. I don’t like how it feels on my hair alone. Heavier oils always feel better. Light oils are not my thing and for some reason I feel like some good old Dark and Lovely or Dax grease might just be perfect for me.

 My hair texture is quite weird in my opinion and I haven’t found the ‘holy grail’ of products that do it for me. My hair looks dry even when it isn’t. There isn’t that glow at allll. What can I be doing wrong??? I went in search of a possible solution and found some answers to what might be causing this issue from a blog post by another fellow Grenadian blogger Vashti from Veepeejay. One possible reason for my dryness was found in a post titled, ‘5 reasons your natural hair might be dry‘. One of the listed causes was hair porosity. I will need to do more research on this.

At this point, trimming ends and adding biotin 100,000 mcg for some extra hair growth boost is priority. Lord, I pray that you redeem my edges and crown, in Jesus name AMEN.

Ok so this is it for now. Please leave any tips you might have for any of the above issues. Also, if you’re on a similar journey tackling weight loss, or skin and hair issues drop a line, let’s know how it’s going or if you might need any help. We can help each other out.

Look out for the 28 Days: Self-Love Project updates on a screen near you.

Also, you can head over to Facebook to join the group ‘Je Suis Community’ where we can really chit chat, relate and be relatable.

2 responses to “Self Love Project: 28 amazing days of simple self care”

  1. Sewspicegirl says:

    All so admirable!
    Taking the time out to do what you got to do in order to accomplish a goal of self loving 😊
    Really self loving begins with time that you cut out for you and preparation. The beginning is always tough but it becomes so routine if you stay focused and stick to the plan.

    • Laureen says:

      Thanks Lakisha, we often do things routine and unconsciously. I realize when you intentionally do even normal day to day things consciously it’s gives you a mental shift. It makes you more aware of the action in the moment.

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