Daily Aspirations for 2018

Happy New Year Awesomes!

I am so happy to enter 2018 with such positivity and vibes. Something about this year gives me a really good feeling. Every New Year, people go crazy about creating this new year, new me routines that becomes more of a trend than a habit. I believe that having overall aspirations and doing small tasks that contribute to your overall goals is a better plan. Adding, these daily ideal aspirations and creating a habit would surely prove to be awesome at the end of the year. I am excited about these daily aspirations that I am about to share with you because I too will be adding to my life’s routine. My goal is for you all to be inspired to live your best life ever. You can implement all or just a chosen few into your daily lives and I can assure you that this will help you to be the best YOU for 2018.

  • Drink half your weight in water

    – I never knew how important drinking enough water is to my entire system. Trust me and drink at least half of your weight in ounces. Pay attention to the difference you will see and feel.

  • Get a Physical¬†

    – Start the year right by making sure your body is healthy and strong to carry you through the year. Make that doctor appointment and get yourself checked out. Too much times we wait until there is a problem to run to the doctor. Run before problems arise, be proactive with your health.

  • Befriend FAILURE¬†

    – We live our lives scared to fail. Being scared to fail makes us afraid to try. Which in turn makes us lose out on living a FULL life. Failure has held a negative connotation for years and it’s time to change that. Failing is a very unique and important part of life. It helps guide us to the right path that we need to be on and you can learn so much about yourself from failing.

  • Be unapologetically you

    – Embrace every single part of you because you cannot be replaced or replicated. There is only one you and that should mean something. Do not allow socialized belief to continue to guide you in 2018. Be a critical thinker, do you own research, don’t swallow everything that gets shoved down your throat. Explore your curiosity, by questioning things and creating your own beliefs. Be silly and laugh at yourself. Don’t take life too serious.

  • Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable

    – Book that solo vacation, start that business, learn that new skill, confront that person, speak your mind, don’t be afraid to say NO, when your mind says no…no people pleasing for 2018.

  • Learn a new skill

    – Expand your horizon, get out of your comfort zone and keep educating yourself. Learning never stops! Soak in as much information as you can, learn about the world, cultures, branding, marketing, social media, philosophy, cooking, ANYTHING. Read often, expose yourself to people you can learn from. Just do not limit your knowledge.

  • Be active and eat well

    – Exercise at least 3 times a week. Be mindful of what you consume. Add more greens to your plate. Lace up your sneakers and take a walk or run. Do yoga. Be good to your body because you only get one. On your marks, get set, GO! You heart would thank you.

  • Meditate

    – Spend some time in quiet reflection. Listen to the most important thing in your life- your heartbeat. Become one with every beat, feel it and keep the rhythm.

  • Gratitude

    – start a gratitude journal. Spend your days thinking of all the wonderful things that is in your life. Focus on the lesson and the blessing in hard times instead of on the hard time itself. Remember your situation can always be worse. So be thankful!

  • Smile

    – Give your face a rest. When you smile it totally lifts your whole mood. Have you ever noticed? If not try it! Smile at a total stranger on the street and see what happens :-).

Stay inspired, be awesome and make 2018 work for you in whatever you do!


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  1. Kizzy Rennie says:

    Definitely can use these tips this year!

  2. Istra says:

    Love these tips Laureen! Thanks much!

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