10 Things I love about Christmas-Grenadian style


Hey Awesome ones,

To be or not to be… an adult? That is the question.

Some other questions *rolls eyes*

  • Why do I have to do this adulting thing *sigh*?
  • Why can’t I just get up and leave every time I feel the urge to?
  • Why do people need PRIORITIES urgghhhh?

Last but not least,

  • Why the hell am I missing Christmas in Grenada this year?

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. There are so many traditions that are held close to the heart that just isn’t the same living somewhere outside of Grenada. I am trying my best to be unbothered about not heading home. I mean there is no place like “HOME” for the holidays *insert tears*. There is so much I will miss being stuck here in the cold. Christmas in New York is incomparable to Christmas in the Islands. The culture is just different.

So, reminiscence with me for a minute.

Here are my 10 Ten (10) things I love about Christmas in Grenada.

1. The Warmth of the Caribbean Sun

  • Although in my opinion, it gets pretty chilly at night, the idea of not having to bundle up while enjoying the festivities is a plus.

2. Cultural Traditions

  • Stripping your house bare until Christmas Eve.
  • Sanding all the wooden furnitures and giving them a nice coat of varnish. I swear this gives the furniture a brand new life again lol.
  • Making new cushion covers.
  • Buying paint to give the house a fresh look. Enhancing it to welcome “the birth of Christ”. (I think that these traditions were religiously inclined. I stand to be corrected.
  • Shopping for new curtains, carpets, bathroom stuff, fake flowers and ornaments to spruce up the house.

3. Butchering of Christmas meat

  • Christmas season you will find a lot of animal owners slaughtering cows, pigs, sheep, and goat to sell the meat. It is a specialty during big holidays to cook a feast of stew pork/beef, baked pork legs, curry goat/mutton, BBQ ribs etc rather than the everyday chicken. I can remember standing and watching  my cousin kill a pig. The tripes all laid out on the ground looking greenish and him saying don’t burst it. I was obedient so I don’t know what inside those things look like. Thank God! I can only imagine how disgusting it will smell and look *phew*.

4. Hustle and Bustle in the City

  • The hustle and bustle of people in and out stores with big shopping bags. Lots of kids with their parents buying toys and mischievous ones buying and bursting bombs lol.

5. Parang Music

  • There is just something about parang music that put the exclamation in “Merry Christmas!” island style. Hearing it blazing on the radio, on the speakers in stores and booming as the buses pass, compliments the Christmas vibes.

6. Soaking Ham

  • The staple of every Christmas breakfast spread. Whether you prefer it cured in brine or precooked to simply throw in the oven, ham is a must-have. I remember salt ham soaking for days, with that dead scent (Ewww, the things we eat hahaha), then boiling it on a fireside in a drum pan to cook. The aroma is so much better at this point and can open ones appetite immediately.

7. Baking bread and Christmas cakes


  • When your fruits been cous0umaying since last Christmas and you open the container and the strong scent alone drunk yuh, hahaha! Christmas eve night in the villages held the nostalgic aroma of freshly baked bread, cherry cake and black cake. Passing by each house you can smell the distinct scent of the mass that was being played in the kitchen. It signified the start of Christmas day.


8.  Waking up Christmas Morning

  • As a child, this was a welcoming treat. I went to bed with the house in a mess and it would seem like I woke up in heaven. Christmas eve night used to be the time to put the house together. There use to be this brightness and glow in the house on Christmas morning. New curtains up, balloons and decorations draping the living room, new cushion covers on the chairs, and I remember one year plenty gifts for me. I think that was the first and the only year Santa remembered me that much hahaha.

9. Christmas Breakfast

  • This is what the Christmas fuss is all about to me. Waking up and sitting down with the family for breakfast. This is something I would miss the most because there is just something special about breakfast on Christmas morning. Table all set, with a nice spread of ham, baked beans, avocado, fresh bread, lettuce and tomato with cocoa tea. What more can one ask for?

10. Family Gatherings and Paranging

  • If its one time of the year when you’re sure to see most of your family members is Christmas Day.  Everyone in my family meets up at Grandma’s house for lunch. There will be all kinds of meat, and every food you can think about. It’s like a feast to end the year with goodwill. You can find sorrel, ginger beer, Puncha Creme, Maxi Malt, Peardrax, Shandy Carib, beers, Guinness, and all kinds of rums. Christmas is like THE DAY to bring out EVERYTHING you’ve been saving up all year as some sort of offering to the Christmas spirits lol.
  • People would normally go from house to house “paranging”, singing Christmas songs, playing instruments and having refreshments at every stop. My paranging use to be going to every house to collect my black cake and malt. Then I would return home to taste and see which house had the best black cake (it is my favorite cake and every year someone else would make it the way I like) so that I can return to that house more often to get more cake lol. It was a good strategy that I still have up to this day.

These are all the things I will miss and more this Christmas season *sigh*. What are some things you absolutely love about Christmas?


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