An Amazing 2016 Summer in beautiful Grenada

Grenada, spice gem of the Caribbean

Grenada, Best Summer Vacation Destination 

Vacations, don’t you just love them? Any opportunity to get out and go somewhere is always welcomed as far as I’m concerned. Great time to experience, learn and participate in culture. Last summer, I decided to spend it in the arms of my beautiful home country GRENADA. It was the best decision ever made. I had such a great time while catching up with my family and old friends.

Grenada During Summer = Spicemas

Carnival Monday

All things considered, this trip was epic for me, mostly because I got to experience Spicemas 2k16. Talk about a carnival being unbelievably funtastic. It was such an exhilarating experience that I sometimes find myself suffering from carnival withdrawal, tabanca. I wake up wishing carnival weekend could start all over again because even though I had a blast I see ways I could have made it even more epic. Doesn’t that happen to you? *sigh*. I would tell you better about my Spicemas 2k16 experience in an upcoming post.

In my opinion, Grenada, OMG, it’s the place to vacation and I’m not even being biased. Though small it is a gem with much beauty to offer. My trip was purposefully planned to be adventurous. As a Grenadian living abroad, one realizes how much has been missed. The goal was to explore and discover new places and things while being reacquainted with the memories held from youth. Before leaving the US, research was done and a list of things to do and places to visit was made.

Things to do in Grenada

My To Do List

I had no clue that Grenada has 43 beaches. Successfully made it to about 6 lol, I mean seriously 43 beaches in one trip might be asking for too much. It’s not an impossible feat though. There are still places on the list to visit and I actually have added a few more places since leaving. Can’t wait for another trip to be able to explore some more. There is so much more to Grenada than the obvious lovely beaches, which are seriously one of its biggest highlights, but there are many more hidden pleasures. Of course, one has to take a tour around the island. It’s Awesome being able to go around an island in a day. It is a must-do for foreigners and something the locals enjoy whenever there is a public holiday.

Around The Island Tour

My dad took me and some other visiting family members on an island tour. Our first stop was Annadale waterfall a beloved spot of mine. We were entertained by the guys jumping from the top of the fall. I took pics with a monkey. I forgot his name but it actually wasn’t my first pic with him.

Next, we stopped at Concord waterfall and I was ecstatic because I have no memory of going there before. I was happy to see the work done to make it an easy to visit tourist attraction. The roads were smooth and the big parking lot or the empty area at the top is great for an event lol. Fun Fact: I somehow always see places as potential event spots :-).

Grand Etang Lake and Lake Antoine were visited. Most people stay at the top to view Lake Antoine but I can remember hiking down to the bottom when I was in high school I believe, to get a closer view. Grand Etang has always been a quiet chill spot for nice picnics and relaxation. There were many tilapia fishes but i saw a sign saying no fishing.

In addition, other stops made were, leapers hill, which is a notorious part of Grenada’s history. This is where the Caribs were said to jump over the precipice as to not get caught by the French men who they were in battle for control of the island with. Leapers hill is situated in the heart of a cemetery and we learned that the first sickle cell patient Walter Clement Noel who was a Grenadian was buried there.

When hunger strikes and you’re on the road and close to Gouyave you must head to Kelly’s Hot Spot. I remember this place being a hot spot back in the day for real. It was the last stop on most island tours I’ve been on as a child. That is where the fete began and end before heading home. Our lunch was sooooo delicious and the owners are very friendly and nice.

From Kelly’s Hot Spot we headed to the Diamond Chocolate Factory where we met the lady who works there on her way home. We were so grateful that she made an about turn to accommodate us. We loaded up on chocolate, cocoa balls and cocoa butter. Inside the factory here.

Island Life

What I enjoyed the most from my vacation is the relaxation and laissez-faire attitude. It felt great waking up early every morning, having my coffee and fresh fruits on the verandah while enjoying the calmness of the village. I absolutely miss the clear sparkling beaches, the bluest skies, the hypnotizing sunsets, the welcoming warmth of the sunrise, the glistening stars by night, the sound of rain on the galvanize, and the plunging of the waterfalls.

Island Food

On the other hand, I cannot forget the FOOD. The sweet mangos, roast corn and “skin up” from street vendors, sticky avocados from my dad’s garden, oil down and home cooked meals from my mom, roti from my Aunt Jean, lambie (conks) souse and cocktails from Umbrellas, ice cream and pizza from Rick’s Cafe, my now favorite fish and chips from Gourmet on the street, after party food on Wall Street, brunch at The Edge Restaurant, breakfast at True Blue Bay Resort, and stag the beer of choice.

Island Entertainment

Not forgetting the entertainment and night outings one can partake in on the south side of the Island.  Rhum Runner cruises, clubbing at Galaxy, Oldie Goldies on Wednesday nights and dance party on Friday’s @ Club Fantasia, Two for Tuesdays @BananasBoardroom hang out Friday nights, bingo @ Prickly Bay, Street Food Wednesday’s @ Dodgy Dock, Karaoke and pool @ Venus Restaurant and Sports Lounge and lots of other small hang out spots to keep you entertained.

I was certainly not bored in Grenada and you won’t be either if you decide to take a trip. There is something for everyone which makes the country totally unique.

I would share some other adventures of my trip in Grenada with you soon so stay tuned and subscribe to keep in the loop.

~Je Suis Laureen xoxo

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