2016 I’m hereeee


Disclaimer: Since I now know that I am not the only one who seems to be bouncing all over the place; trying to find my niche, in search of passion, or looking for that thing that makes me, me; I shall proceed with bliss.

It’s 2016 and the year has been wonderful so far. Loads of reflection and decisions have been taking place. Lots of frustration and indecisiveness as well lol. Yes I’m ‘The Libra’ everything needs to be balanced some how.

Where am I right now……..

I question this a lot. I’m in a good place. A place filled with gratitude and a little more self love than I had before. My brain is still always on overload and trying to tame this wild animal is proven to be a tough battle; one in which I will never stop fighting. Finding the peace and balance in life is needed for growth.
The past few months have taught me some valuable lessons about life and about myself. I’ve learned that my situations are never stationary. I’m an evolving creature that’s living purpose after purpose. I’ve come to believed that there is no stated purpose I should follow. That, my purpose changes as my life experiences does. I’ve learned that my life is certainly like a book; sometimes an encyclopedia, sometimes a love story, sometimes a comedy, sometimes a horror movie, you get the drift. A book that sometimes intertwined or sometimes randomly stands alone. Some opens the door for others, some picks up at the middle and some totally ends and starts a different story anew.

My focus has constantly been on myself and my growth. I’ve been such a hard ass, with so many seemingly realistic but truly unrealistic expectations of life. I’ve learned a lot about failure. The big F that I was terrified of I now realize is necessary for my growth and success. I’ve recently realized since as a child I’ve always been asking why. I have so many ‘why’ poems I had to wonder if I figured out any answers. I finally did though and my answers to all my questions is STOP ASKING, ACCEPT, LET GO and LIVE. Accept that I would never be perfect, never be the prettiest, the most successful, have the best relationship, the best friends, the best family, the best career, the best kids etc. I can only be the best ME, the only how I can do that is by fully accepting myself, just the way I am. Even the bad side.

So, overall life is beautiful and I’m accepting it as it unfolds. I’m taking each day as a gift and seeing my ability to be great can only be hindered by my thoughts. So no more self sabotage here, hopefully. I’m about to jump off that cliff and soar, because the universe blessings are all on me. 

How has 2016 been to you so far? Have you been, ACCEPTING, LETTING GO and LIVING?

10 responses to “2016 I’m hereeee”

  1. Very insightful. You go girl….the sky is the limit

  2. Diamond says:

    Thanks Aunty, it's definitely up from here 😀

  3. Unknown says:

    Inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Diamond says:

    Thanks for reading Hun 😊

  5. Unknown says:

    Let go and let go. Letting go signifies an act of faith. No more questions, acceptance. #Deep

  6. Diamond says:

    Yes all one day at a time 😀

  7. Great post! I realize I've been reading backwards lol but I def commend you so far! Keep it up!

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