10 Things I love about Christmas-Grenadian style


Hey Awesome ones,

To be or not to be… an adult? That is the question.

Some other questions *rolls eyes*

Last but not least,

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. There are so many traditions that are held close to the heart that just isn’t the same living somewhere outside of Grenada. I am trying my best to be unbothered about not heading home. I mean there is no place like “HOME” for the holidays *insert tears*. There is so much I will miss being stuck here in the cold. Christmas in New York is incomparable to Christmas in the Islands. The culture is just different.

So, reminiscence with me for a minute.

Here are my 10 Ten (10) things I love about Christmas in Grenada.

1. The Warmth of the Caribbean Sun

2. Cultural Traditions

3. Butchering of Christmas meat

4. Hustle and Bustle in the City

5. Parang Music

6. Soaking Ham

7. Baking bread and Christmas cakes



8.  Waking up Christmas Morning

9. Christmas Breakfast

10. Family Gatherings and Paranging

These are all the things I will miss and more this Christmas season *sigh*. What are some things you absolutely love about Christmas?

I wanna hear what you think!

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